Pleasures of Life

In Promo by Tenchu

“There’s a delicacy in the pleasures of life. With the struggles of going from day to day, grinding away at goals until nothing remains, you need those extra little things. That really good dish of food. The freedom of fantasy. The pleasure of others and the feeling of skin on skin. These are things that bring joy, satisfaction, and excitement.”

“When it comes to that youthful rebellion, they embrace such a hedonistic lifestyle. Loud, bright and full of the pleasures of life. Shining so bright, one cannot go without noticing these new upstarts. They shout into that void, trying to lure in people with their baits on their hooks.”

“All it does is leave them ready, set to take those foolish enough to buy into their technicolor dreams. Little do they realise that it’s all an illusion. The veil of something new is torn away, and those that get sucked into the jets of the youth end back in the same loop as they had been in before.”

“The answer is simple. If one wishes to free themselves from these vices, from the chains of the world, you must cut yourself from them. Sever it sharpley, precisely, and without a single doubt. To abandon reckless consumption, it leaves a sense of freedom from the cycle of life. Breaking the mold to find a more mechanical freedom against the bonds of organic troubles.”

“Exploding onto the scene, they came in large and in charge with a blast of sound and a series of children’s toys. They wear their green nature on their sleeve, clashing head to head with the most aggressive, and yet lack the substance to push. They feel hollow, a forced addition to counterbalance the darkness that OSW is.”

“But it’s only a matter of time. It’s always just a matter of time. They lose the support of their boss, left to fend for themselves. They’ll snap apart, a team broken. And once they’re alone, waiting, that darkness will swoop in. It will fill that hollow space that each of them has. The doubt, the shame, the despair. All of it will nestle in, and wear them down.”

“When there’s little left but that darkness filled hollow, when they are at their lowest. Only then will they know what truly happens here. That OId School Wrestling is not where the bright and youthful survive, but where the darkness rules with a fist of iron.”

“Metal has always been mightier than the meat.”

“As they writhe in the darkness that they make, lost in their despair, only then I will appear. Stepping from my shadows, where I am most home. They will beg for a swift ending. A relief to the dark and bitter agony that will have enveloped them whole. As that time comes, it will be more of a relief than a task. A gift of kindness after being left alone, hanging from the meat hooks in the back.”

“For the only time you’re free, is when you’re dead.”