In Promo by The Impaler

So, my aunt was realtor and when I was younger she sold a house.

Made a pretty penny on it too.

Shame she didn’t disclose the many infestations that she knew about in that house.

It cost her dearly you know, because she had to pay for every inch of that house to be fumigated, and make sure not a single bug or arachnid could be found.

Almost three quarters of her commission pissed away, and the exterminator he made out like a damn bandit.

I’ve watched a vermin have hidden themselves away in the walls of OSW.

Slowly, methodically tearing it apart piece by piece until its collapse can be insured and they’re the only thing left staring out satisfied with the rubble they’ve left behind.

We have those that spin their dream catching webs leaving others to clean the mess they leave behind.

Then we have those that build their paper box nests, living within them and flying out to sting anyone they like with sociopathic impunity.

All the while the insects live with in the walls collecting the crust and remnants left behind believing themselves to be un-killable.

But here’s the thing, last year around this time OSW hired one hell of an exterminator to come in and clean house and eliminate the vermin with extreme prejudice.

Starting with Mordecai, you’re like a spider who drains the nightmares of the world leaving behind the blissfully unaware husk.

You may think that you do good by protecting the mortal world from their nightmares but you keep them from facing their fear and by doing this you make it easier for a walking waking horror such as myself.

My job is now to tear down the gates you keep, that allow people restful sleep, and make them face their fears.

Speaking about facing fears, SeeSaw you’re fucking wasp.

You’re brutal by nature and you live to cause pain to those around you, while serving no other purpose.

I’ve come here this week to find your nest, that toy box, and like any exterminator worth his word I will burn it to the ground and piss on the ashes.

Finally, I will get to the little cockroach that lives inside the walls of OSW as if in his own plane of existence and Sigil if I have to tear the walls off to find you I bloody well will.

You’ve been labeled “un-killable” for far too long.

But when the black mist starts pouring into those walls and you finally begin to panic.

You will recognize me as the threat I am, by that time it will be too late, and you will gasp you last.

You see, you’re all verminous pests, nothing more, and nothing less.

An infestation meant to be cleared from within the house of OSW, and my payment will be handsome as I will be rewarded my opportunity at the VHS Championship.

So, this weekend when you walking into the arena and you see that pest control van outside pay close attention because it will say “Legion Extermination, we kill many”.