In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

A child is lost in this world. Parents have long since passed, family is non-existent. Bouncing from home to home, with nothing to ground him.

One day, a kind older gentleman comes along. He sees this poor boy and takes him under his wing. Each day is something new, teaching this child all the answers to his life’s questions. Teaching him how to work, how to have a strong back. Everything one will need to survive in the harsh reality that is mortal existence.

This boy looked up to this gentleman as a son would a father. This gentleman was everything to him, his whole world. Not once did anyone take as much care and pay as much attention to this child as this man did.

But one day another came along, he recognized this gentleman and they began to argue. This other man seemed to know things, horrible things, about this older gentleman.

Oh, the shouting was horrid. The boy looked at this other man and told him to leave them alone. The gentleman was doing good things, how he was helping him. The other man looked at the child and stepped back after seeing the devotion.

I’ve seen this more than I wish too, even in this dark world. A child is so desperate for a mentor, a leader, someone to guide them that they’ll cling to anyone willing to take them on.

From clans, to pirates, to monks. You’ve gone on this same journey. You’ve looked for mentorship, but have been met by egos and manipulation.

Until finally one comes along and says all the right things, making all the right promises that you ignore when someone comes with a warning because how could they know? They haven’t walked in your shoes, seen what you’ve seen!

But sometimes those in the dark see what those in the light hide.

You see, the gentleman wasn’t everything he displayed. There was a lot buried in the dark that the other man saw and knew. So when he saw this gentleman bring in yet another poor, lost, soul into his sphere, the other man knew he had to make a stand and try to save the boy from being just another victim.

You don’t wish to see what is hidden in the dark because for the first time you have a mentor who sees you now as a tool or a weapon, but as Tenchu.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen what he hides in the dark, what he wishes you don’t see. I see you heading down this same path if you don’t heed my warnings and continue to obey him.

Like the other man, I don’t wish to hurt you but to save you from being hurt. My words my sound harsh, violent, and insulting but you sense the grain of truth.

You’ll see the reality of what I have told you, Tenchu. Like a band aide, it’ll be best to tear it off quick.

Accept the pain, embrace your future.