Pride Cometh

In Promo by Sir Bellator

“Pride cometh before the fall.”

They built the unsinkable ship, the best the world had ever seen. The captain of the ship, in his ego and pride, pushed it to its limits.

His pride came before the greatest maritime failure the world has ever known.

Because as soon as that ship hit that iceberg, man saw the Titanic for what it truly was.

Just another ship, sailing in God’s great ocean.

The iceberg always wins.

We see the same pride in the ego-fuelled actor. He who builds his career on a name, accepting only roles which he wants. Any role that he believes is beneath him, he turns his nose up at.

Eventually, he finds himself out of work. By refusing any role that he feels less than his worth, he finds out he’s worthless. Broke and living on the streets. His name that was once in flashing lights is soon forgotten.

We see the same pride in the Chessmaster who believes himself undefeatable. Game after game, he seems to be a step ahead of his competition. Until he is beaten. Then everything he has built his identity on comes crashing down around him. No matter how many matches he wins, he will only ever remember that single blemish on his record.

You’re both Titanics sailing in the ocean of Old School Wrestling.

You believe yourself unskinkable.

But your pride is that devil sitting on your shoulder that fuels your ego. And that pride will be your downfall. In reality, you’re just two more men filled with pride and drenched in wrath, that shall create your own fall.

Luke Storm, it is your name that fuels your ego. You take the ‘Hollywood‘ title as a sense of pride. You wear is with a swagger that befits the word. But Hollywood is a land of falseties, fake people that come and go. Memories are never too long in the bright lights of Hollywood.

You’ve built a legacy on a name that shall be forgotten before too long, and your pride will send you to the very same fate.

Forgotten. Meaningless.

Just a guy who was once a Bad Mother Fucker.

Simon, your pride is in your own ability. Your gameplan. You always must be the one two steps ahead, the chessmaster who never loses.

But you’re not two steps ahead, are you?

You’re struggling to pave a path in this murky darkness like the rest of us.

You’ve always been playing chess with only half a board.

Blindly planning out the next move.

And it must kill you that you’re not quite the taskmaster you thought you were.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

Ego, pride… They are killers of men like you.

Titanics that feel themselves to be unsinkable.

Because that is so far from the truth.

Because the bigger you are, the more that iceberg rips through you.

The harder you sink.

I’m the damned iceberg.

Coming to expose your pride.

It cometh before your fall.

Time to man the lifeboats.