In Promo by Viper Roberts

When a teenage girl transitions into a beautiful young woman, she is habitually advised by those around her to take precaution.

To be especially careful.

To go equipped.

Often, simply being aware of eager, appetent young men is not enough to save the newly anointed woman from her sexual abstention.

From her immaculate, flawless innocence, as it were.

Like the vulturous predator he is, the male watches his unsuspecting victim from afar, eyeing her up as she unconsciously goes about her way.

And when she’s least expecting it; when she’s senseless to his intentions, and comatose to the reality of his true purpose, the male strikes, swooping down from the shadows and cajoling his gullible prey into his libidinous talons, permeating and removing her of her freedoms.

One year ago at Invasion, I made the same beautiful transition.

With the aid of my trusty insurance policy, I overcame five other scavengers foraging for sustenance when I climbed that foreboding ladder and grabbed my opportunity in the form of the Invasion briefcase.

Holdall in hand, I swiftly took my chance. I caught the Sandman unawares and acquired what was rightfully mine: the OSW World Heavyweight Championship.

In becoming World Champion, I emerged swiftly to the height of my sexual maturity. I became the hottest piece of pussy the Slaughterhouse had to offer, and every man, woman and beast wanted to fuck me.

Four times, wanting admirers tried to tarnish my spotless reign as Champion, and four times I turned their advances down.

But without the protection, without my trusty insurance policy, my guard only held up for so long.

And whilst fending off each of those little unwanted visitors trying to penetrate my honour, one spunk-bubble in the form of Israel Grimwolf found his way through my defence and robbed me of what was virtuously mine.

I made the mistake of going unequipped once.

I will not be making the same mistake again.

When I took back what was mine from you at Rust Out, Sandy, you made it your purpose to blemish my reputation.

Piece by piece, you were willing to spoil, smear and stain my character by fucking me with any purported evidence against me you could lay your filthy hands on.

You had me where you like to keep all your victims; with nowhere to run and no place to hide.

But thanks to your brother Mordey, Dream Demon, I now have all the conception prevention I need to repel your advances.

For it is you, not I, that has nowhere to run or hide.

With the aid of this contraceptive – of this very device implanted in my neck – the hunter has become the hunted.

I will keep you locked up, starving off the threat of your intrusion and your desirous pursuit of my dreams, my subconscious, my freedom, and my World Heavyweight Title.

Not you, nor anyone else, shall ever infiltrate the Head Snake’s lair again.

So go right ahead, boys, fuck me as hard as you like, because Viper Roberts has all the protection he’ll ever need.

And on Saturday night?

At Invasion?

You’ll be the ones getting fucked.