A Holy Trinity

In Promo by Sir Renault

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Three distinct entities defined by unique traits.

Three pieces of a puzzle that when interlocked fit perfectly together as one unified conglomerate.

God is the father, the great creator, who gives life and governs from above.

Jesus Christ is the son, the physical manifestation of God, sent to Earth to prove His power and love for all His creations.

The Holy Ghost is the unknown, unseen force that interacts between realms and keeps our reality in check.

Together, these three entities combine to form the doctrine of Christianity’s foundation.

And just as wrestling mimics life, this triple threat match in OSW shall contain three unique wrestlers that represent this ideology.

I, Sir Renault, am the Father. I’m the creator and overseer of all things that are holy in this company. I can give life, and I sure as hell can take it, as Phineas Moody can attest.

Having just burst onto the scene, Starboy represents the Son, the wonder boy, sent from above to spread God’s love and offer proof of his existence through most exquisite acts.

And the undying soul, Chronoa, represents the Holy Spirit. Ever-present and not truly of this world, you draw information from the ghosts of our past to ensure we stay the course in our journey forward.

The sum of our parts is truly greater than what we represent individually, as OSW will find out.

However, if I were to break each of you down individually, our prophecy would be quite different.

Starboy, you have a BIG problem…

The fanfare you’ve garnered from your exquisite acts have blown your ego up so huge that you’ve become self-centered. When it comes to your loved-ones you simply neglect their needs and desires in exchange for your own, much like a little boy.

I have the luxury of not having to please anyone other than Yahweh.

When I finish you off Starboy, you’ll be pumped full of so much faith that you’ll have no choice but to submit and call me daddy, because that is our relationship after all, is it not?

Chronoa, your issue is much more complicated…

Try as you might, you cannot fully suppress the spirits that inhabit your nightmares. Those horrific deaths that replay in your mind haunt you at the most inopportune moments, the next of which will put you at my mercy.

I don’t bear the burden of ensuring the fate of the universe.

You will be on your knees begging for me, your lord and protector, to anoint the perimeter of the Slaughterhouse with holy water to keep those demons from torturing your fragile psyche.

So when the three of us unite in the ring at FTW, you both will come to realize what the prophecies in our scripture have alluded to all along:

The only Holy Trinity manifesting between us in that ring will be the ref counting—




Victory is my destiny.

Because Starboy, I’m your daddy, son.

And Chronoa, you’re just another spirit who answers to the almighty creator.

For I am your Father, and this is my Slaughterhouse.

Deus vult.