In Promo by Sir Renault

In the seventy ninth year of our Lord, He took it upon Himself to personally cleanse the ancient cesspool we know today as Pompeii.

Godless men and women traveled from near and far to this center of commerce to trade and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Countless hours of traveling led them straight to the brothels where they became slaves to their vices, spreading their lust as they fornicated to fill their empty hearts.

And just as the eruptions of those sinners plastered those within the walls of those brothels, YAHWEH’s wrath plastered all over Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius violently erupted, molting and trapping its citizens in time as an example of His will.

If Sir Vant has taught me anything in our short time together, it’s that we must control our vices.

Otherwise our vices control us.

Men and women come to the Slaughterhouse to indulge in their own particular vices, and every one of them must pay the price for their sins within these walls.

There is no hope for a sinner like you, Starboy.

Like a false prophet you claim to have a gift to share with the world; you say you’ll go to great lengths, spreading your “love” to make dreams come true.

But true love emanates from the heart.

That intense, unbridled feeling of sexual desire that you experience is just pure lust, emanating from somewhere else entirely.

Just like the sinners of Pompeii, you justify that lust as love to fill the void of your empty heart, furthering your own twisted agenda to fornicate the world.

And just as those sinners paid penance when they were burned from existence by Vesuvius’ lava eruption, you too shall pay penance when you walk within the flames of hell for your judgment.

Your only path to salvation is to confess your sins and beg for mercy.

But Starboy, you’re not the only one who has something to confess.

There is another sinner among us whose lust must be harnessed…

Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

I dream at night of wicked things.

Actions so unspeakable that I shall surely be cast to the depths of hell that is the Slaughterhouse.

I pray for salvation from that wicked place.

There, where sinners like you, Starboy, congregate.

There, where the souls of lechers like you are purged.

There, where you can fulfill your word and go that extra mile to make my dreams become reality.

There, where I can succumb to my own vices to cleanse your soul.

For my own lust emanates much stronger and comes from a place much deeper and darker than any wet dream you could imagine.

And at FTW you will bear witness to that.

Then, when my brother Sir Bellator and I personally see to your repentance by making an example of you.

Then, I shall quench my bloodlust.

When we stake you to the cross, your wounds shall spill blood for your sins, just as Christ spilled his blood for ours.

The blood of which Vayikra shall plaster throughout the walls of the Slaughterhouse.

Let the cleansing of OSW begin.

Deus vult.