A Lesson

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Parts of me wishes things in this world never happened. Other parts of me know that if they never happened, history would never exist. Everything that happens in this world has some kind of effect on everything it touches thereafter.

The abode houses so many souls from history. There is your average Joe, who enjoyed his life and created his own path to get here, and then there is people like Jeffrey Dahmer, who we all know why he’s here. And then on the other side of the abode living out their days are the famous ones who are here for all the wrong reasons.

It’s a shame that souls from slaves from the world slave trade linger here and can’t find peace in what happened to them. The souls from the Lushan Rebillion did their part to bring down the Yan Dynasty only to be housed in the abode. And citizens of a country that have tried to change their economy and landscape, thinking that it would be for the better, were all sent to their own personal hell in the Soviet War Crimes. The house of souls is not a place to go for those who tried to do good.

And of all of them, the souls you may recognize did so much that they changed history and they didn’t even know it.

You open these doors and you won’t be welcome with open arms, but I’m not afraid to open them. Even though he tells me not too. Their screams are loud, their tempers flare, and their hatred enormous. But there is one soul of a man here I am looking for. A well known man in history that I would like to ask a question or two about what it was like.

This man was part of the reason why eighty-five million of these souls are here today. He is part of the reason why the world is the way it is today. The landscape of the world would be completely different with him. For the better or for the worse we won’t know. But this soul can help me out. Help me understand.

One can learn a lot on how to win a war from Winston Churchill.

See this soul was a leader, a savior to his country and to the world. He had supporters, friends and allies. And with their help he won the deadliest war to date and yet here his soul is living amongst those he helped kill.

Well hello Kaine, let me enlighten you on what I learned from his soul…. A great leader does not build an army simply by asking people to join them. Doing that you are asking them to come live in the house of souls willingly. Building an army to win a war is hard but if you truly are a great leader you shouldn’t be asking. The kindred will be asking you if they can join your cause instead, just like the millions did for Churchill and the Allied countries that followed him into World War II. But then again, I created my army of souls simply by just taking them.

Stop smirking you’re as evil as he is.

I’m not comparing you to the great Churchill, you’re not as cool and as great as he was. You’re simply a lost soul looking for a way home. One of the many souls I left the door of the lovely abode open for.

Come High Voltage…. Your Soul Will Be Mine and I will lead you to him and you can learn more on how to build an army for your cause