A Little Rain

In Promo by The Generation Kid

“When I came here, I wanted nothing more than to be happy.”

Happiness was the goal. It was the very thing I was striving towards. I didn’t know what it’d look like, but I knew that I wanted it.”

“And when I felt that Rewind Championship around my waist – I felt like I’d figured it out.”

“Then I met Vigour and Starboy.

“In that instant, I truly understood happiness.”

“They became my family. They took me in under their wing like brothers. When times were blue or my face was red with anger, I knew they’d be there to have my back.”

“Then came the pain.”

No-one wants that.”

No-one does.”

“But it came like a thunderstorm. The rain poured down upon our heads as the ground shook beneath our feet and there was nothing we could do about it. We now stand beneath the clouds, looking up at the pouring rain, feeling it slap against our faces without so much as a break to let us dry.”

“That pain is insufferable.”

“The loss of our brother… is… insufferable.”

“Triosmania was supposed to be our party. It was supposed to be the day we expressed ourselves and made another attempt at happiness. We all wanted that. We dreamed of coming to this Trios tournament and making every other team realize what we’d known all along – that there’s nothing tighter than our bond. We believed we could win it; we wanted nothing more than to do exactly that.”

“Instead, it’s more pain.”

“And when it rains, it pours, dude.”

“On Monday Night, myself and Starboy have to take an umbrella to Triosmania and fight handicapped, in pain, through the rain and storm that pelts us. As lightning bolts strike from the feet of Luke Storm and thunder shakes the ground and air around us as Banzan walks, we’ll have to fight through it all.”

“Soaking wet, in pain, and suffering every minute of it.”

“But you know what?”

“We will.”

“We’ll fight through that rain, through that storm and come out the other side. It doesn’t matter if we have to defeat Simon, Sigil and Deathnote – one brother down, in a storm of pain that feels like it’s ripping our very hearts from our chest, because we will. To get through that rain and see the sun shining once again, in his honour, in his name, we’ll do whatever it takes.”

Because everyone wants happiness.

No-one wants pain.”

“But you can’t have a rainbow, without a little rain.”

“And at Triosmania, The Rainbow Party will reign supreme. We will be the ones that follow the storm.”

“We’ll do that for Vigour.”

We’ll do it now and we’ll do it loud.