The Wall

In Promo by Zero

“A group of taggers made a small town’s life miserable.”

“Every week they’d make their way to the towns display wall and spray paint it with whatever the fuck they wanted.”

“And every single week, the townsfolk would roll their eyes, angrily go about their business and blame their father who couldn’t keep them under control.”

“Someone would then go and repaint the wall.”

“This happened every single week like clockwork.”

Nothing changed because no-one ever did a god damn thing about it..”

“As long as those taggers remained free to do whatever the fuck they wanted, there was nothing stopping them from tagging that wall.”

“Jet Set Radio have been in our little town called Old School Wrestling for a little while now and every single week, they head to Fuck the World and do something fuckin’ stupid.”

“And no-one has tried to stop em.”

“Everyone looks to their daddy Simon for answers, but that mother fucker doesn’t give a shit.”

“He’ll let them get away with literal fucking murder.”

Rest in peace, Albie.

“They’ve got all these people in Old School Wrestling rolling their eyes and angrily going about their business, but no-one except Bad Mother Fuckers have made any attempt to fuckin’ stop them.”

“And all of them have been in vain.”

“Because it doesn’t matter what we do; whether we beat the shit outta these cunts or damn near burn to death side by side with them, they rock back up one week later with a shit-ton of fuckin’ spray-paint and it starts all over again.”

“They take the display wall, tag their pussy stank all over it and skate off like a bunch of untouchable dickheads.”

“But this ain’t that small town, fuckers.”

“This is Old School mother fucking Wrestling and you three douchebags have fucked around and you’re about to find out.

“See, this giant display wall called Triosmania looks like the perfect place for you three dickheads to rock up and start tagging.”

“It’s a great little wall to showcase exactly what kind of cunts you are. We’ve seen you do it week in and week out.”

“And I’m not gonna go find your daddy Simon and complain about it. He can’t and won’t be able to stop you, even if he’s tryin’ to display a little of himself on that wall. I say little, cause we all know he’s rockin’ three inches of pain.”

“I’m not gonna stand around rollin’ my eyes either.”

“What I’m gonna do is wait for you three fuckers to show up and start tagging that wall at Triosmania..”

“And just when you think you’ve made a masterpiece…”

“Just when you think you’ve won and all the spoils of artistic glory are yours.”


“I’m gonna blow that mother fuckin’ wall up and bury you under the god damn fuckin’ rubble.”

“This is our town, cunts.”

“And Triosmania? That’s our fuckin’ wall.”

“It belongs to Bad Mother Fuckers.”

“At Triosmania, you might think yourself untouchable, but believe me…”

You’re gonna fuck around and find out.