A Man For All Seasons

In Promo by Viper Roberts

A man stood at the foot of a vast mountain.

The mountain was tall and threatening, and had quite the fearsome reputation.

Throughout the years, it attained its renowned status through those who once stood in the man’s place.

Who themselves had attempted to climb the mountain’s intimidating semblance.

As the many hundreds, indeed thousands, had come to realise before him, the man knew he would have to withstand the harsh, atmospheric conditions the mountain relinquished upon him in order to truly conquer it.

The mountain that is Old School Wrestling is but a giant foot hill one dares to tread.

To look at, it is as towering as it is treacherous, while the repute it garners for itself is there for all to see.

Through the natural course of time, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of men, women and creatures have stood at the root of the mountain and tried in earnest to climb its menacing precipice.

They all start at the mountain’s base where they seek traction; to gain a foothold in one of the mountain’s many crags, with the promise of acquiring its greatest prize should they reach its immense summit.

Countless individuals have attempted the feat, only to discover that its cruel and unrelenting climates are too much to bear.

For the remaining few, they find a way to overcome the mountain’s resistance, weathering the severe and strident elements it bestows upon them during their long and arduous journey.

I, Viper Roberts, have climbed the mountain before.

I, Viper Roberts, will climb the mountain once again.

As I begin the incline back to its crest, I shall surmount the perilous conditions that are thrown at me through every rise of the gruelling expedition.

In Voynich, I will prevail in the blistering heat of battle, crushing the Best Kept Secret’s ambition to once again bask in the midsummer skies, and obstructing the rays of sunshine he once radiated so brightly in as The Slaughterhouse’s foremost champion.

In Israel Grimwolf, I will withstand the barrage of gust and gale that comes my way. I shall stand firm and survive his watery onslaught, waiting for the autumnal storms to quell, before surpassing them on my ascension to the mountain’s peak.

Upon my arrival, I will find you there, Sandman, surrounded by the aura of your wintry feels.

In a state that is as dark as night and as cold as hell, you will do your best to intimidate and benumb me, as you do all your victims, but you will soon discover, fiend, that I will neither blink nor freeze at the hands of your sorcery.


Israel Grimwolf.


At Rust Out – come rain, sleet or shine, the Head Snake will stand triumphantly at the summit of Old School Wrestling once again; your two-time World Heavyweight Champion.

He will climb the mountain, repelling the heat, enduring the floods, and weathering the storms that are cast upon him, while each of you come to realise that Viper Roberts is not just for Christmas.

Far from it.

Viper Roberts is a man for all seasons.

And like it or not.

Come Sunday night.

It’s Snake season, boys.