A Mountain’s Lament

In Promo by The Impaler

Mining has always been an ugly and dangerous necessity in our world.  A mountain gutted for its resources, left shallow, an empty husk of what it once was. 

The majesty that once was left a desolate wasteland.   

Flora and fauna that once comprised its beauty now forced to retreat or die. 

Eventually abandoned mineshafts will haul the innocent to hell. 

The mountain wanted none of this, it didn’t ask to hold the essence of life-giving minerals within.  

OSW has its very own beautiful vista giving Mountain standing majestic and untouched. 

Its wellspring has allowed many to drink deep from its knowledge. 

Selfless and brilliant, it has been far too good for the Slaughterhouse. 

It has given shelter to Tenchu, and befriended a bewildered Alice both in their times of need. 

Stoically and asking for nothing in return the Mountain gave of itself. 

Even when beset by threats the likes of Deathnote it never changed its shape, never caved, and stood fast against the threat with nary a falter. 

However, there’s been a force in the shadows preparing to mine The Mountain for what lies within. 

As ugly and dangerous a task it will be Legion knows what that wellspring holds, and it is our dreams. 

Banzan, you’ve been the gatekeeper of OSW for some time now.  Those who’ve beaten you have been able to reach greater heights. 

But we’re not looking to simply beat you, we’re looking to clear cut the forest of the Mountainside. 

To strip-mine you of everything that has made you the Demi-God you are. 

Take your wellspring and use it to quench the mouths of the Many. 

We don’t want to use your renown as stepping stone.  We want to use you as energy. 

We want to leave you a husk of what you once were. 

Because Mighty Mountain, the Many are very thirsty, and we need what you have to keep us going. 

So, steel yourself as you always do Mountain. For what is to come will be the onslaught of each and every soul within Legion looking to stake its claim to you. 

We want to take every resource you have, oh Great Mountain. Not because we are greedy, not because we are avaricious. 

We know there is a war coming and we need every resource the Mountain can provide.  

If that means turning the Indestructible Mountain into the Indestructible Crater then so be it. 

We will walk into FTW this week, prepared to drill, prepared to plant the dynamite, prepared to gut a Mountain that we have nothing against. All because we need what lies within. 

At the end of the day that is the true essence of mining, isn’t it?  

We have nothing against the Mountains we hurt, they’ve done nothing to us. In fact, we may even respect the majesty they possess.  

However, when it comes down to it. We are Legion, and we need the resources the Mountain has to survive what is behind the next turn. 

Banzan, Mountain, thank you for your sacrifice.