In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

Ahhh, the little deviants. While it’s not my usual business to deal with them, every now and then one will come to my attention. Little creatures who society would reject because they don’t fall into line. Our society knows what that’s like, so we welcome them in and they come running. Tired of the world that hates them because their love, their interests, their lives fall outside of what is labelled acceptable.

These children, from my ancient perspective, think they are so different, their little rebellions are the first of their kind. They walk into our halls and their eyes are opened up for the first time. The warmth they feel when they learn that there are others like them. They immediately run into our dens and marvel at everything that we’ve set up for them.

One such kine was named Robert. Oh, did his isolation make him open to what we’d have for him. He ran into our little slice of the world with promise, hope and vigour. He’d dance for me, putting on just wonderful displays of his deviance. He’d do anything to be allowed to stay in my world, but he didn’t know. He never knew what my world was truly like. The glitz, glamour and acceptance that were shown to him was nothing but a web.

You see, these deviants were the perfect prey for us. People society shunned, people society threw away. People nobody would miss at the end of the day, they were the prime prey for us. Whether we embraced them or fed on them, they became ours. Their worlds were turned upside down when they fell into our webs of lies and deceit.

Robert learned quickly that once he was mine, he’d never truly be free. That escape was never going to be acceptable to me, and he suffered for his attempts.

So, I see you, little deviant. I see your deepest desires, you longing to belong. Your little circle of friends, you may love them and they love you, but you’re still the odd one out. Your love, your you, it’s all just outside of what they are and deep down I know you recognize that. Every deviant little kine that has ever walked through the doors to our nests have had something similar, but it always ends the same. They’ve become disconnected.

I miss Robert some nights, the way he’d just open himself up. Too bad that last escape attempt was his final one.

So, come to me, Starboy. Come be my new little deviant kine.

I’ll show you the wonders of a world you’d only dream of. Where all of your dreams, your differences. Everything that makes you, you, is accepted.

Come down into the dark. Be embraced by the cold darkness.

I’ll show you what Robert gave up, what he shunned.

Come and see what he rejected, and know that when the night falls, you will feel a new freedom.

A freedom from hope and life.

Welcome to my world of darkness.