A Picture’s Worth

In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

The Burned Man is seen in his shack looking through a photo album. Inside, there are several photos of the mummy before he was burned alive, alongside a younger Destructo Boy and an unknown woman who we can assume was his wife. Hesitantly, he closes the book and deeply sighs, almost shedding a silent tear in the process.

“I’ve often heard a picture’s worth a thousand words. Back then, I would’ve said that was baloney, it’s actually worth no more than the camera that took it.”

He places the album out of frame, making sure it’s in a secure location before continuing.

“But now that the fire has taken so much from me, I suddenly find myself able to spare that many words to explain what each picture of my family means to me. With those words, I can describe how valuable my wife holding James in her arms was.”

The survivor chuckles a little before continuing.

“With a thousand words, I could tell you how breathtaking James’s first time standing up without help was. With those words, I could tell you that I would do anything to just stand by the both of them and take another photo with the love of my life and my hero of a son once again.”

There is a brief pause as Maxwell picks up a crumpled up newspaper and begins to unfurl it.

“Of course, not every picture is worth that many words. Take those found in this newspaper, for example. Sure, they might try and drag out a thousand words from a photo of the Groves or a pretty face that’s a dime a dozen at the Red Light District, but they’ll quickly be consumed and forgotten about just as fast.”


“How many pictures like those have you taken throughout your career as a journalist, Colt? I’d estimate that for every photo and story that the people want to see and hear, you’ve taken and told hundreds more that they don’t.”

Another sigh escapes him before he continues.

“People don’t want to read or see the drivel you normally publish. They want something that tells a compelling story that’ll stick with them for the rest of their lives. That’s why I gave you my most cherished photo.”

He pauses again.

“It’s not because I want to be back in the spotlight. Being in it is what caused those bastards to burn down everything in the first place. I gave it for you in order to tell a story that’s worth a thousand words.”

TBM proceeds to make his way towards the door.

“I want you to warn Arcadia of the kinds of bastards that would tear apart an ideal family for seemingly no justifiable reason. I want you to get the people you supposedly speak for to take action and find the ones responsible for it before they become their next victims. Give the people what they want, or else your career will go up in flames.”

He proceeds to leave the shack as we cut.