A River to Cross [CD]

In Promo, Tombstone by Tombstone

The winds howl as waves lap against the boat with ferocity. The waters upon the River Styx are choppy and boisterous. Tombstone sits in his boat, calmly holding onto the oars as he is thrust from side to side.

Water sprays in his face as it admonishes the boats presence. On the wooden floor, surrounded by water, is the Old School Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship.

“Who am I?”

With a large spray of water, Tombstone finds himself sat opposite a ghastly looking pale thin man. Death. 

“You are the Ferryman.

They both smile.

“For the longest time, I have been desperate to be more. That which sits at your feet has become my alternative purpose.”

Death reaches down and picks up the title. He stares into the gold which doesn’t reflect his face.

“Purposes such as these are fleeting. Here today, gone tomorrow.”

He drops the belt overboard. Tombstone abruptly stands to gather it, but it quickly sinks. His ire turns to Death, who with a single hand motion, gestures Tombstone to his seat. There is no discussion. The Ferryman cannot halt his body from the command and seated he shall be.

“Your purpose is to serve. You take the souls of the dead to their final destination, Tombstone. That is your purpose. It cannot be more than that. These fleeting desires of greatness are mere obstacles in the way of your true destiny. You are destined to ferry and failure will not be tolerated.”

“There must be a time when this ends?”

Tombstone demandingly asks. He’s desperate to know.

Death shrugs his shoulders.

“I do come for alleventually.

That sends a shiver down the spine of the Ferryman.

“Don’t rush your day of judgement. When you’re sat opposite the next ferryman in this boat, you’ll dream of the day your roles were once reversed.”

Tombstone stares at him.

“And you?

He asks firmly.

“Who comes for you?

Death cackles at the suggestion. He stands, clicking his fingers. The World Championship reappears in the boat, much to the relief of Tombstone.

“I’ll cross that river when I come to it.”

He smiles.

“As for you. You’re alive, aren’t you Tombstone? It could be worse. You could be terminal.”