A Trial

In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

A group of Sabbat had broken away from their group. Three very different Kindred with very different views on what they were to be to the world. One loved the oldies, the music of forgotten ages and the golden age of Hollywood. One wasn’t like the others, he saw answers to questions nobody ever asked, was receiving messages nobody else could. The last was far too different, even to the Sabbat low standards. Loved to play games, throw dust, and enjoyed a violent party like nobody else in their clan.

They’d become a bit of a problem that even the Sabbat sought outside help to deal with. They held a trial, and found them guilty. Camarilla and Sabbat aligned for a common goal, ending a problem. One day they were lead to a warehouse, with promises of a good time and answers to their unlife’s questions.

Once inside, they quickly learned that they were not there to enjoy a party, but to be slaughtered. They let their exuberance get the better of them, and the blood hunt was on. Slowly each one was killed in violent ways, making sure that there was no escape for any of them. That they suffered for the frustration they’ve caused their brethren in the Sabbat, to the Kindred world as a whole. I know of several Camarilla affiliates that took part in the massacre.

You’re finding yourself in the same boat as they did. Your Party has been the frustration of a lot of dangerous groups here, and have been marked for death. Whether it’s for your sins, for your way of life, for your defiance.

You’ve been marked, and a trial is coming. One that your enemies are reaching out to outsiders to help sort out. To end your existence, to end your way of life. You’re no longer acceptable to be left to your demise, so I’ve heard the call, and I come to end it all.

For the child stuck in a by-gone age, torn apart to the beats of his own generation.

For the alien, a beam to pull him apart.

For the sex-crazed maniac… Well, let’s just say there are plenty of painful ways to end them.

Each used to send a message of obedience to the rest. Like the Sabbat Trial, this is a lesson to others more than the convicted.

Stay in line, or your trial will be carried out in much the same way.

Your screams used as a warning that pain and death are all that await you should you fall out of line with our society.

I have come as judge, jury, and executioner of this trial, Rainbow Party. I have no mercy, and I do not forget.

I watched as the Sabbat were torn to shreds, and I shall gladly take part in your own demise. To hold your heads high in victory and to the glory of the Camarilla.

May your lives be a lesson to those who oppose us.

Welcome to the World of Darkness.