The Corner

In Promo by Pyre

The corner became a lot scarier when I found a girl there.

Her name was Gail.

Smart girl, driven, real all-American type. But she didn’t have a lick of common sense. She melted at the attention from this older guy named Tye. He was shady as fuck, but he knew how to spit some mad game.

So she moved in with him. Then the track marks showed up on her arms. She looking like shit, but she thought she was hot shit, and that her way was THE way.

That’s when I started seeing her on the corner.

Tye’d come by every so often, with someone else in tow. They’d go up to Gail, and she’d go off with the other guy.

He was pimping her out.

If you tried to talk to Gail about it, she talked about how much control she was in, how Tye knew what was best for her. She knew it was risky, knew that if you live that life, it can kill you. But everything she was doing was to create a better world.

How deluded can you get?

Vayikra, you boys remind me of Gail.

You’ve been around for a hot minute. Sanctus was smart enough to not be his daddy. Renault was driven to take out demons. And cute little Cael was Captain America in the flesh. But y’all dumb as rocks, apparently. Sir Vant comes riding up, and his words just melted you.

So you moved in with him. You put that armor on, needling that sweet holy spirit into your skin. And as stupid as you looked, it made you confident as fuck. Vayikra was the holder of the truth, and you were going to stuff it down everyone’s throat.

But you still show up on the corner, don’t you?┬áSir Vant pimps you out to whatever little cause he finds worthy. You assault the Rainbow Party, try to brainwash and torture them. Kill the bastards, even. You still think you’re in control, but you know that if you live by the sword, you can die by it,. But you don’t care. Because you’re creating a new world. A better world.

You’re more deluded than Gail was.

Speaking of, let me tell you how her story ended.

Tye set her up with three guys he didn’t know. He thought it was a big score, but those three didn’t give a fuck about Gail’s supposed control. They fucked her ten ways from Sunday, and left her bloodied and beaten on a stained mattress.

And where was Tye?

Who knows. He didn’t give a fuck about her.

Just like Sir Vant doesn’t give a fuck about you three.

But he’s got you set up with three Bad Mother Fuckers, and he doesn’t know who we are or what we do.

We don’t care about your mission.

We don’t care about your god.

We’re going to take what we want, beat the shit out of you, and leave you bloodied and beaten in the middle of the ring.

Just like Gail, when you live your life by the sword, eventually the sword kills your ass!