Exorcising Death’s Ghost

In Promo by The Impaler

We once watched as group went into a long-abandoned sanitarium.

They went in obsessed with exorcising the ghosts of the past.

They bit off more than they could chew that evening, as they were ill prepared for what met them, and none left the same.

You could hear the screams from outside that building the entire night, as if they were living out their own nightmares minute upon minute.

They were chasing things that they had no business with, no understanding of, and they paid the price.

While they all lived none of them spoke a cogent and understandable word ever again.

We’re now watching again in the Slaughterhouse a place where a death toll is nothing new. But we have a man who is attempting to chase down the reasoning for a sharp increase in that aforementioned death toll.

However, as he does so he splits his focus. As he’s also obsessed with getting the answers to complete his collection. All the while he has to worry about exorcising the Slaughterhouse of the spirits that have been resurrected to hunt him.

To the point that he has convinced the closest thing OSW has to a man of the cloth to help him in his crusade to purify the OSW of the spirit of death that lives within its walls under the guise of finding a killer.

But while you hunt down these ghost and aberrations there’s been a monster in the fading light that’s been waiting for you Sigil.

Waiting for its moment to reach out and help alter the course of your fate, nay, alter the course of your very existence great Realm Walker.

We’ve seen your ilk before, you want to put the spirits that you’ve disturbed back in their rest place but you forget that when you mess with the realm of death you must pass through the fabric of purgatory.

It is at that moment, that you incur the wrath of the demons that live there.

You’re stepping in my home and it’s time that you learn the lesson that group learned all those years ago.

Because just like those who attempted to put to rest the ghost of the past, you’ve crossed paths with not just a demon but THE Demon.

Here’s the thing Sigil, we are not the devil’s favorite, but we are the most powerful that he ever created, because we have no limit. Our power is infinite while we’ve all witnessed how finite your power is becoming.

We watch every week as the walls close in on the Collector and yet you want to act so brash and brazen in the face of adversity when you know your great collection cannot save you.

Death has a plan for you, so much so that he’s brought back ghost from the past to haunt your existence on this mortal coil.

While you attempt to drive out these ghosts, we will not be caught in the crossfire.

For we are The Impaler, and we are Legion, for we will not be cast out.