Act and React

In Promo by Luke Storm

You know, Simon, acting all about reactions.

Take a human being and put them in some sort of absurd situation.

Drug them up. Tie them to train tracks.

The camera’s right there to capture the actor’s reactions. Their facial expressions. Every drop of emotion.

Behind that camera is a director, shouting cut every time the actor doesn’t react the way they want them to. They demand another take, another recreation of the same circumstances.

All so they can get the right reaction.

But the director and actor are clued in on something that the audience isn’t.

A secret.

That secret binds them together, and ensures that the actor stays focused on what the director wants. It’s what drives the director to continually torture the actor with new and exciting stunts.

But no one will ever know what that secret is.

Because if they do, then the director has no leverage. The actor gets to call the shots, and the guy behind the camera is at his mercy.

See Simon, I say all this because I know you fancy yourself a director. You used to dress like a real sanctimonious one even.

Ever since I’ve had the displeasure of knowing you, that’s all you’ve been about.

You take people and try to get the reaction you want out of them.

Deathnote. Pyre. Myself. All the same story.

All exactly to your plan. You got the reaction you wanted, the right shot for your epic film.

You poisoned me…

…but I didn’t react the way you wanted, did I?

Every time, you yelled for another take. You assaulted me. You had Albie killed. Time and time again, you came after me, wanting something very specific.

Then you took my little girl.

That got the reaction you wanted, didn’t it? You didn’t want Luke Storm to star in your film at all.

You were after Lucas Newton.

That’s why you took Scarlett. That’s why you threatened her life. Because that was the only way you’d get the reaction you wanted.

Because the only other ace in the hole you have, Simon, is that secret that only we know.

It’s bound us together recently, ensured my eyes stayed locked on you and what you wanted from me. It’s driven everything.

But now that we’re here. Now that Simon Black is standing opposite Lucas Newton….

No Hollywood. No Storm.

Just me and you.

… you have nothing else in the bag. The only thing you hold over me is that secret. And the moment it comes out, then what?

The tables have turned, Simon. I have the leverage now.

Because if I were to reveal my secret, then you have nothing. All of your work evaporates into the bullshit it is.

Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t.

But now it’s my turn to be behind the camera. And it’s your turn to react.

I won’t do anything too extreme.

Fist to face.

Boot to ass.

And as I rip you apart, I’ll capture every drop of blood, sweat, and tears.

Because acting is all about reactions, Simon.

And I want to hear you squeal.