Act One

In Promo by Luke Storm

Every story has a beginning.

Act One.

It’s the first trial of your hero, the moment where his ordinary world is blown up and he has to make a decision to move into a new one. It’s never easy, though.

In the Tale of Luke Storm, Act One kicked off simply enough.

Lucas Newton didn’t seem like a hero-in-waiting. His ordinary world was basic. His dad, working his ass off, was able to provide the essentials, but the Newton’s weren’t living large. So Lucas went to work, working fast food with a real prick named Danny.

Danny was the owner’s son, and boy did he know it. Every day, he told Luke when his daddy finally let him run things, he’d be canned.

Every day he did that, until one day he finally was granted the position his lineage gave him.

And it just so happened Lucas’s father lost his job that day as well.

His ordinary world blown up, Lucas Newton, as much as he didn’t want to, had to become something more.

Something real.

So with nothing to lose, Lucas went to Danny and took every bit of that anger out on him.

And it felt real fucking good, you know?


It was his first step into a larger world.

You know, Deathnote, you remind me a lot of Danny.

Death’s son.

A real fucking prick. Yeah, that’s you.

Don’t think I don’t remember our past, big man. You lurked in the shadows behind me, reminding me each and every day that my name was written in your little book. I was going to die. You were going to make sure that the moment I slipped up, you were there to capitalize.

Every waking moment.

Even when you left me alone, your threat was still there, lingering in my mind.

Until Ring of Dreams.

You were fully revealed as the son of Death. No longer would you be constrained by anything. You could do as you wished in this new OSW.

And it just so happened that the Bad Mother Fuckers blew up that day. It felt just as bad as when my dad lost his job. Because all the security and bonds I’d formed were destroyed.

I had nothing to lose. Just a family that needed taking care of.

So now, I have to become something more.

Something real.

We’re coming up on the end of Act One, Deathnote.

I’ve never thought of myself as a hero. My ordinary world can’t compare to you. The bright lights of Hollywood will never burn as bright as the flames of hell itself.

But they’re your flames, and here I fucking am. Just like Danny, you’re going to get all I have.

All my flaws. All my blemishes.

All my power.

A Tempest swirling into your mighty vision.

Roaring thunder. Striking lightning. Drowning downpour.

It’s all for you, Deathnote. You’re the only thing between me and Act Two of Hollywood’s story.

My ordinary world is gone, because everything else has been taken out of my hands.

Everything but you.

My story is just beginning, but yours?

It’s over.