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Every year, there are 16 million blood transfusions performed in the United States alone.

With every procedure, there is a risk of one of the worst medical errors known to the profession.

The patient receiving the wrong blood type.

If this occurs, the results are often fatal.

The moment the unrecognized blood is in the system, the immune system is quick to attack. The cells are ripped apart releasing harmful chemicals that are bound to wreak havoc to the body.

When that microscopic Pandora’s box is opened, chaos isn’t far behind.

The patient goes from acting normal to feeling worse and worse. The original disease is in the back of everyone’s mind as the patient goes into shock, their kidneys begin to fail and eventually shutdown.

Ultimately, the person going for a routine transfusion and planning to go home after it’s all said and done with never goes home again.

Mortality is guaranteed without treatment and still highly likely even in the best of conditions.

Their last days are not a celebration of life or a way to appreciate the world more once your health is back to par. No, it is sheer agony.

The first thing that happens is all color leaves the body of the patient. What once was a body ready to celebrate another adventure of life, it becomes a ghastly reminder of the man you used to be.

Next is the aforementioned failure of the kidneys. Before they completely shut down, they leak sanguine liquid into the bladder. What results is the urine of the dying patient being a dark red when it leaves the body.

One more reminder that your body has betrayed you and your last hours are going to be watching yourself die.

Lastly, your body goes into shock. Your heart beats faster than it ever has. Your lungs match your heart’s pace as you rapidly breathe. Along with the pale skin, your lips begin to turn blue. Lastly, you faint.

When your body closes the door of consciousness, opening the door to the afterlife isn’t far behind.

Lastly, the rest of your body begins to fail along with the kidneys and your time of death is soon called.

Your corpse is laid into the body bag and zipped up. That zipping sound being the punctuation park of a fate being sealed.

What happens when the wrong blood enters a vampire’s system Kaine?

You might think to yourself, there is no such thing. Your vessel is designed to recieve blood from any human host your parasitic kind decides to attack.

That much is true but the blood that flows through me isn’t human, no that remnant of my old self left long ago.

What runs through my vessels now is the literal blood of the lord, just one of his gifts when he allowed me to return to the plane of existence.

If holy water touching your body destroys you, how much damage do you think ingesting the holiest of liquids would do?

Remember, Kaine, I’m not human anymore.

We’re both in our second lives.

Just a bite will lead to your second death.

There’s no crown for a corpse.