Loyalty to Royalty.

In Promo by Simon

A knight is traditionally a title of great honor, but at its heart it is a military rank.

To be knighted is to make a promise to the one giving you that title.

A promise to your monarchy, to submit to their authority.

Every knight is called up for that singular focus, and everything that the monarch calls them to.

A weapon in times of war.

A servant in times of peace.

Never wavering in their loyalty, never breaking that promise.

The power these knights hold as assets for combat is remarkable.

But there is one conceit to the promise of a knight.

The real cost of his submission.

His power is linked directly to his king or queen.

Thus, even when knights rise to higher ranks and titles, it is only as a gift from the one they promised to protect.

And thus, when a knight travels to conquer in the name of his queen, he is met by a legion of men.

Loyal servants of their king.

The knight welcomes this challenge and fights the horde…but is overwhelmed immediately.

Against the sheer might of this power in numbers, the knight is soon forced to admit his shortcomings…and suffer the consequences.

Brought to his knees, the knight is confronted by the rival king.

And he is given an ultimatum.

Submit to the king, or perish by his hand.

With one final act of defiance, the knight remains firm in his loyalty to his queen…and met with a grisly end.

Oh, what a loyal knight is The Impaler.

A source of power for his queen Chronoa to exploit, offering his unrelenting loyalty to her.

Submitting to her authority.

You made your promise and received dominion to exert your power over those who would oppose the Harbinger of Fate.

And what power you’ve shown, Legion!

A strength that can be matched by very few, you have proven to be exactly the weapon Chronoa calls you to be in time of war…and the servant she demands in time of peace.

But at the end of the day, you are at her mercy.

Never to take her authority from her.

So what have you done now?

You got greedy, looking for power that surpasses what you already hold…and so, you’ve gone searching for land to conquer.

And you’ve ended up at the edge of my kingdom.

Weapons drawn, ready to challenge my authority over this place.

And I don’t take this challenge lightly.

I am ready to tackle it head-on, Legion.

You come at the king, you best not miss.

Or else, you’ll find yourself on your knees in my presence, the blade of glory pressed against you.

Given an ultimatum of your own to ponder.

You can submit to my authority, or let your loyalty to Chronoa bring about your demise.

The choice is yours, Legion…but either way, I will take what is rightfully mine.

Your loyalty, or your power.

And not an ounce of mourning from your queen when you fall.