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In Promo by Ether

“I knew a girl that wanted to please me so badly, she tried making one of the most complex foods she saw in order to do so.”

“That food was a huntsman pie. The recipe she found online asked for a lot of ingredients and time, but she was confident she would be able to make it.”

“The first time she tried, she fucking forgot to actually make the pie. She somehow managed to cook the pork and pastry separately and didn’t realize until she was just about done.”

“The second, third, and fourth time, she set the temperature too damn high and nearly burned the house down.”

“I appreciated her effort to make something I’d enjoy, but she just kept fucking up every fucking time. It was almost as if she was fated to never make a good huntsman pie for as long as she lived.”

“It took her twenty or so attempts before she gave up trying to impress me. I haven’t seen her since then and I doubt I’ll ever see her anytime soon.”

“You know a lot about fate, don’t you Chronoa?”

“You’re one of the warriors dedicated to preserving it after all. Your whole purpose in OSW is to make sure it falls so reality itself doesn’t crumble apart like a damn muffin.”

“I could kind of dig it if you weren’t so fucking bad at your job.”

“How many times have you died in different universes to save reality? Hundreds? Maybe millions?”

“How many of those deaths were in vain? I’m willing to wager just as many.”

“Who knows how many realities have ended because of your incompetence. Sure you learn from each and every attempt, but what good is that when you still meet your end at some random schmuck’s hands each and every time?”

“And we’re supposed to believe that you’re the one to fix God’s mistake and fix fate for good? Don’t make me laugh. If anything, you’re fated to keep shitting the bed and dying instead of saving the fabric of reality itself.”

“Fate has a funny way of rearing its ugly head. You might be its harbinger, but even you can’t escape it when it decides you lived long enough.”

“After so many attempts, you’ll eventually throw in the towel and let someone else have a try at saving the universe for a change. Hopefully your replacement isn’t a complete fuck up like you.”

“Until then, I’d be more than happy to show you an example of what’s lined up for you, not only for InVasion but for the rest of your time on Earth.”

“Go ahead, try and prove me wrong. Beat my ass until it turns blue in the middle of that ring. It won’t make a lick of difference in the end.”

“You’re just another morsel on my plate that’s soon to be devoured like all the others anyway.”

“I’m a hungry girl, Chronoa. Come Fuck the World, this hungry girl is gonna eat!”