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I think it’s appropriate for us to talk about the Tremere – a clan of mages, spellcasters, and warlocks –

And backstabbers, according to other vampiric kinships.

The power structure of Tremere was a hierarchy held together by a mass Blood Bond – once known as the Pyramid.

And this pyramid was like a hub, with even an international heart that they called Vienna Chantry.

They were secretive, shrouded in darkness, and it was this darkness that allowed them to remain unseen by the likes of those that despised their practices the most.

That’s what they thought, at least.

But karma is a dish served cold – and on that dish was something called the Second Inquisition.

Before the Tremere could remotely react, an army of hunters invaded the Pyramid – even locating and destroying the Vienna Chantry.

Like covering a honeybee in rainwater, the incoherence brought about by the destruction of the heart ultimately caused a systematic collapse – and the ability to draw blood from other kindred was essentially lost.

You know, I sit here and I think about someone like Kaine Knightlord. What a historical force to be reckoned with, with aeons of knowledge tucked between those two ears of yours.

Having lived as long as you have, I can only imagine that your intuition supersedes anything that we’ve ever honored our greatest terrestrial geniuses for.

There shouldn’t be an argument that you must see things well before even the likes of a Nostradamus –

There shouldn’t be – but unfortunately, you disappoint me.

Because if you were as historically epic as I imagine – with an entire library of intelligence wedged into that brain of yours – you would have immediately been able to expose a jezebel like Lucy Seraphina as the lone, blood-sucking backstabber that she is.

Do you think that she is aligned with you for the sake of the faction? Or, wait, do you think it’s because she respects you?

Let’s not be so naive, Detective.

You have become the shadow that allows her to remain protected – specifically from the umbrella of hunters that want her dead. She lives as the untrustworthy, the despised, and the dreaded through you – and it will be you that becomes her springboard.

Once she gets enough elevation, that pyramid will rise and that heart will beat again.

You do understand that I can’t allow your naivety to bring about another clustered force in these halls, right? I’m not sure if you’ve taken a quality gander at them lately, but there’s more than enough to deal with before Ms Seraphina manifests more vampiric ferocity.

So I have no choice but to play the hunter and destroy her, by any means necessary.

If everyone else, including you, is going to sit by the wayside and watch all of this unfold with their arms folded, then I’ll take the bloody initiative of breaking her down until she doesn’t have the legs required to even think about springboarding off of someone as criminally ignorant as you, Kaine.

And because you’ve let all of this happen – never once questioning the motives – you’ve no choice but to watch the pyramid come crumbling back down.

And that new Vienna Chantry that she’s attempting to re-build for the agenda of her kinship?

I’m going to make you eat it.