In Promo by The Impaler

People ask us why we exist as a straight edge demon in a taphouse driven world? 

We have seen addiction first hand through many eyes. We’ve seen people act against their characters from their sober selves, hurting the ones they love most all because they were looking for their next fix. 

It is imbedded in them so deep, they’ll need to sweat, vomit, and suffer through the detox sometimes to the brink of death just live without the chemical that commands their very existence. 

What gets us though is the addiction that can work its way into the psyche by virtue of words. Words that drive men to act against their own best interests. 

How can words do that? Simple, you feel loved, you feel comfortable, you feel whole, all feelings you can get in one form or another from a chemical high, and you can still say you’re sober. 

You’re just doing what you’re told to get you that dopamine response, that fix. 

We look around the Slaughterhouse and there are a lot of men and women with issues. But none that we would call addicts except for three. 

Because we knew all three before the enslavement of addiction took hold. 

We knew the Light Shining in Darkness, a man who would never kill another soul or standby while a life was taken. Now, he’s been reduced to man who is willing to stand by and watch as his own father is tortured and perhaps put to death before his own eyes. 

An Olympic Gold Medalist filled hope, love for his family, and desire to compete.  Willing to put his heart and soul on the line to do so. Who is now reduced to lap dog to monstrous Dragon, no more hope, no more love, no more desire, just a want to march in lockstep with his army.    

Finally, the Last Crusader, a man who stepped to his own drum spreading his beliefs in his own way. What has happened to him is worse, his own beliefs perverted the words of a Templar Commander who uses him like a puppet on string. 

All men so pure of heart now twisted by their own Addiction to following the words of one Solomon Rhodes, the enemy of Lux Bellator, the dreaded Dragon, the Commander of Vayikra. 

Don’t worry though your true salvation is here because all of you are about to experience the most intense detox any addict has ever had. 

We will make you sweat unlit your bodies are nothing but desiccated husks of humanity begging for even a sip of water. 

We will force you to vomit very souls from your physical forms while you plead for it to all to end. 

All the while, the suffering will be magical because at the other side of all it you’ll see the beings you used to be, and like all addicts who haven’t accepted their lessons you’ll stay addicted. 

But we will at least give you that glimpse, because we are Legion, for we are your one step program because death will look like salvation by comparison.