Bread Alone

In Promo by Sir Bellator

‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.’


It is something that we each feel, and yet we deal with that hunger in different ways. Some prefer a predictable diet. They plan their meals, ensuring a balanced diet so they will not feel hungry. They know what fuel their body needs and they provide accordingly.

Others are in tune with their body and listen to its call. They respond to the needs of their body and eat when the hunger begins to set.

Some are governed by hunger. It drives their moods, their cravings and their actions. These are the sinners. Those that let the matters of their flesh dictate their words and actions.

These are the people that must be fed with the holy spirit, or purged for their lack of willpower.

Chronoa. You are the planner. The historian, you follow the fate and read the annals of history in order to stop history from repeating. Curiosity is your hunger and you keep it at bay with forward planning. But when your plan fails to hit the mark, we see the ugly side of your hunger. The desperation in seeking answers.

A craving for understanding that which we are not meant to understand.

Impaler. You listen to the call of your body. A division between man and mask, where the hunger begins to set and that which is inside you feasts on you like a parasite. You try in vain to keep it under control, but you have no true control over that which feeds on you.

Kaine. You are the true sinner.

The one governed by his hungerlust. The more you have attempted to push down the vampire within you, the more it has consumed your every desire. That bloodlust that consumes you now has always been there. But now, it drives you. Your mood. Your actions. Your senses. Your cravings.

The hunger that consumes you is that which must be vanquished.

For any food that is not of the Lord is of the flesh. And yours is most definitely a feeding of the flesh.

You have tried in vain to keep yourself under control.

Now Vayikra must cleanse that which tarnishes this Earth for the greater good.

This week, Kaine, we come to put an end to your hunger once and for all.

If feasting on the word of Yahweh will not suffice, then you will be put like a lamb to slaughter. Your sinful hunger laid out and vanquished so it will not infect any more.

You each follow a path that leads you to the flesh, not to the spirit.

Man must live by more than the bread alone that fuels your hunger.

Chronoa, be fed by the knowledge that only HE has the answers.

Impaler, be fed by his saving grace that has the power to finally free the true you behind that mask.

Kaine, be fed by the vanquishing power of Vayikra.

The weapon of the Lord and its cleansing grace.