In Promo by Tag

“Back in school I knew this guy who was a total big shot.”

“At least he liked to think he was.”

“Talking with the hottest chicks.”

“High fiving the coolest dudes.”

“But the thing about him that was always weird to me? Wherever he showed up, be it the skate park or a party? He always ended up arriving alone.”

“Time after time I’d see him outside of school or away from the parties and he wouldn’t have a single friend in sight. If he wasn’t pandering to the crowd, soaking in the cheers, he was by himself.”

“And it confused me for a long time.”

“But I realized just why he never seemed to have a friend group to call his own.”

“He was a fuckin’ dick.”

“In front of a crowd he put up a front of charm and charisma.”

“But behind closed doors?”

“He was the biggest cunt to ever walk Highland Park.”

“Forever a friendless, bitter douchebag who wanted nothing more than for the crowd to love him.”

“Sound familiar, Luke?”

“This kind of guy exists everywhere I’ve seen. At the clubs, in the malls, but when you look at OSW there’s only one dude who fits the bill and that’s you my good bitch.”

“See, I always thought it was weird how despite being so loved by the crowd at first that you never seemed to have anyone on your side, man. Time and time again I’d see you run headfirst into a fight all by your lonesome while everyone you seemed to face had a crew with them.”

“BEG had Imperium.”

“Your brother had Enigma.”

“Even Sigil had Legacy.”

“But you? You were always alone for your fights. The crowd was cheering for you, but no one in OSW seemed to be on your side.”

“And I know why.”

“It’s because you’re a total fuckin’ dick.”

“You had a chance to have friends, to be part of a crew, but you threw it all away because you wanted the spotlight for yourself, right? Sure, Pyre did it first but you were right there ready to do it yourself. No matter how close you three seemed, it was doomed from the start because you just couldn’t share the attention of the crowd.”

“But now you’ve kicked them to the curb, the crowd stopped cheering, and for once in your life, Luke?”

“You’re totally fuckin’ alone.”

“Like that cunt from high school you’re out here all on your own without a lifeline to help you. No one is picking you up drunk from the bar, no one’s backing you when a fight breaks out.”

“And once we hit that ring it’s gonna be an ass kicking.”

“Because unlike you, Ether and I have each other. We’ll always back up the other.”

“So while you sit and stew alone in your corner, Ether and I will be ready to give you the beat down of your life.”


“Now put your head between my legs and kiss your win goodbye.”