Hunting Hound

In Promo by Sigil

“A man once had a hunting dog who was loyal to its core.”

“No matter how long he was kept in his cage, no matter how hard his owner hit him, the hound would still leap into the forest as soon as he was commanded to.”

“Running through mud, pelted with rain, nothing was too much for this  dog to handle just so that it may please its master.”

“He viewed the man holding his  leash as omnipotent.”

“A god.”

“But his master viewed the hound much different. His dog wasn’t a companion, it wasn’t a friend, it was simply a tool to be used.”

“One that once it finally ran out of uses? Too old to run, too weak to fight? The hound would find itself put down and buried in a shallow grave outside of his cabin, soon to be replaced with another dog willing to wear its leash.”

“Jensen, you’ve been the hunting hound of many a man in OSW’s history. It all started when DTR decided he needed a loyal mutt to further his goals, a violent mongrel willing to dive head first into the forests of OSW simply because its owner told it to. But with DTR gone, you didn’t run free, did you?”

“No, you soon found your leash back in the hands of another being.”


“You were his black hand and he sent you to hunt down every last beast deep within the woods, flushing out the likes of Tyler Brooks to be swiftly cut down by Death’s blade. But he wasn’t the only poor creature hunted down, was he? One by one you sunk your teeth into the defenseless animals of the world.”

“Axel’s school bus.”

“Redwing’s family.”

“All of them were torn to shreds and brought back bloodied to Death’s hands for him to play with.”

“Like the good little doggie you are you would do anything to help him.”

“Even when he kept you locked up in that cage for weeks on end, you were willing to answer to his beck and call as soon as he asked you, the abuse and isolation at his hands washing away in an instant all for the offering of a treat to fill your belly and a pat on the head.”

“You’ve been a good boy,  Jensen, but we both know what happens next, don’t we?”

“You flush out Deathnote, you rip out his throat.”

“And next thing you know you’re either put down or placed back in that cage.”

“However, now that you’re out in OSW’s woods, you may not make it to Red Snow to maul your mark.”


“Because you have to go through me.”

“The most brutal, nastiest beast in this forest. The kind that you failed to take down time and time again.”

“The kind that even Death fears.”

“Cross my path again and you’ll find yourself in that shallow grave.”

“I have walked this path before, Jensen.”

“Killed hounds like you before.”

“And I shall do it once more.”