Smartest Man…

In Promo by The Impaler

There is always that one person who believes that they are the smartest man in the room. 

It was winter, nineteen twenty-four we were “working the docks” of New York City and doing some “heavy lifting” for some not so savory individuals who did not really enjoy getting their hands dirty.  

We had been tasked with swatting down a pesky investigator who had been going down alleys he had no business with lurking in the shadows.    

He was lured to the docks with the promise of prized secrets, only to find himself swinging upside-down from a yardarm. 

You have learned just enough to get yourself killed.” We said, with a pang of disappointment setting in, before dropping the private eye into black the watery abyss below. 

Now, the Slaughterhouse has a private dick who has been turning over rocks that are best left alone to gather moss. 

Continually he follows around our master, confronting him at every corner, and the Dark Detective is convinced that he is the cleverest being in the world. 

He thinks that his hunger for a perceived “truth” will set him free. 

Attempting to hold secrets over an uncaring Mountain. 

He does not realize that to the Mountain, he is not worth the effort or time.    

To the point that we have been charged again to rid this Bat from my lord’s belfry.   

So, we have tempted the him from the shadows of whatever attic he is sleeping in with the shine of a Championship he will never obtain. 

Instead Kaine, will find himself in a no-win situation, dangling from the rafters of the Slaughterhouse over a pool of Vali blessed water. 

The Dark Detective having followed the breadcrumbs to own demise. 

Because that is the thing isn’t it Knightlord, you only know thirst, whether it is blood or secrets, and you will follow that instinct no matter where it may lead you. 

But the wellspring of knowledge that you seek will become salt that dries your mouth, withering your already desiccated body to the point that it will further mummify your already wizened body. 

So, we invite you Vampire Detective, come seek your knowledge, attempt to claim your prize, and attempt to drink deep from the veins of Legion. 

Because moment you sink your teeth into any of it, be it the Double Feature Championship, the secrets of Valie, or our neck. It will all vanish in that moment, nothing but a black abyss of pain and torture will meet you. 

Nightscream, you have been nothing but a thorn in each and every member the Disciples of Fate’s side and now we call your chip in because you have learned just enough to get yourself killed.  

So, this week you learn final secret, you get taught your final lesson at the hands of the Multitude. 

Because we are Legion for, we are many, and the final secret that we will let you in on will be… your last resting place.