In Promo by Sir Gable

Imagine your favorite coat, it has gotten you through every frigid day for years.

You and that simple piece of attire have become so intertwined that you’re almost unrecognizable without it.

One day, you notice the bottom of it unraveling, old reliable has turned on you, a loose string signaling its inevitable demise.

You have three options.

You can get rid of it but at this point it’s less of a coat and more of a security blanket so we all know that nuclear option won’t happen.

That leaves you with two true options, you can cut the string off or try to force it and rip it off.

Your mother’s voice rings in your head, you know a bad pull can ruin it fully so you look for the sharpest instrument near you and you cut it.

That feels good, it looks fine and you go about your day but unbeknownst to you, that little cut didn’t do the job fully.

It caused a micro abrasion invisible to the naked eye and that one clean string is now frayed.

Every day you wear it, it’s falling apart ever so slightly.

Every time you wash it, you exacerbate the damage and whilst looking clean, you’ve ruined it a tad more.

You don’t think anything of it. You completely forgot about that little string.

Until you start noticing the coat is a little tighter, the clothes under are more visible, you start to feel insecure and think you’ve gained weight.

You go to the gym and lose some pounds, the coat feels better.

Not for long, the coat is still showing the other clothes, it’s not covering what it should, it’s not doing its purpose.

Eventually, one day you go to reach something and you hear that unmistakable ripping sound.

You’ve pushed it beyond its thinning limits and the tear is unsalvageable.

You decide you must destroy it, no matter how much you’re connected to it, no matter what it means to you.

Now imagine this coat is made with the very fabric of reality itself and that loose string is threatening all of it. The destiny of the world threatened by one loose string.

That’s where you’ve found yourself Chronoa, the loose string of OSW threatening not a coat you’re merely intertwined with but one you helped create, all the strings in this world after all are yours to create with and cut eventually.

However, you’ve been trying to cut this string so much, it’s fraying all around, constricting you to the point you realize you don’t control its destiny anymore, it controls yours.

Taking you to the same places we’re all forced to go, forced to face the same end we all must endure. The coat has become your straight jacket and now you realize what you should have done the first time you saw the loose string, the same thing anyone should do when they see one.

Leave it alone or the problem you can ignore becomes the problem you can’t escape.