An Awful Nightmare

In Jinx, Promo by Jinx


A wolf’s howl pierces the dead of night from a distance.

The dim lighting from several scattered light poles falls upon Jinx’s face.

She finds herself laying on the ground, out cold.

Her eyes flutter to an open. Her hair is matted, the crimson of dried blood covering her face.

She takes a moment to assess her condition. Her clothes and torn and tattered. Scrapes and bruises scatter across her body.

Another glance around her, and she realizes where she is..

The Cemetery.

Jinx pulls herself up onto wobbly legs. She stumbles forward, before raising a hand to her dizzy head.

“What the hell happened? Why am I here?”

Her eyes scan the tombstones that litter the graveyard. Amongst the horizon, a shadowy figure emerges. Jinx squints her eyes, trying to discern the figure from a distance.

It seems to be a large man, at least from this distance.

A flat-bill planter’s hat is clearly sitting atop the shadowy man’s head.


It was barely above a creepy whisper, yet it was bellowing.

She couldn’t explain why, but her heart begins beating rapidly.

Whoever that was in the distance was responsible for the injuries she had sustained. Whoever that was is the person that had left her for dead.


Another bellowing loud whisper echoes throughout the tombs before the shadowy figure disappears. With a blink of an eye, the figure appeared much closer.

Without looking behind her, Jinx runs deeper into The Cemetery. She weaves through the headstones, fleeing her attacker.

Turning a corner too quickly, Jinx twists her ankle.


An echoey, evil laughter creeps through the graveyard as she falls.

“Oh Jiiiiiiiiinxyyyyyyy..”

Tears stream down her face, but she tries her best to stiffle any sounds of agony and pain. She tries to pull herself up, but the moment she tries to put weight on her ankle, she takes another tumble.

“Where arrrrrrre yooou? Don’t you want to plaaaaaay?”

The whisper seems to grow louder, almost as if the shadowman was growing closer and closer.

Jinx rolls onto her elbows, crawling into a safe spot. She leans into a sitting position up against a headstone.

“Aw, c’mon Jinxy, I thought you liked to play games?”


A twig snaps just behind the tombstone that Jinx is using for back support.

She falls completely silent, holding her breath.



A large hand wraps around Jinx’s throat. In a display of great power, the man lifts her off the ground as if she was a lifeless corpse.


Pocket knife into the shoulder of the shadowman, and he drops her instantly. Quick on her feet, Jinx lands on her good leg before lunging forward to push her attacker backwards. With a final heave she falls to the ground, sending the man stumbling backwards into an exposed piece of fencing which impales him.

Jinx rolls off the ground, limping onto her good leg once more. She hobbles over, the light now falling right on her attackers face.

She falls at his feet, weeping loudly.

It’s isn’t who you think it is..

“…Brother… no..”


Jinx wakes up.

What an awful nightmare..