Anchors Aweigh!

In Promo by Simon

A ship has been out to sea for months, and has finally made its way home.

As it reaches the port, the crew begin the process of setting down the anchor.

This keeps the vessel more secure, so it doesn’t drift off into the unknown.

The anchor falls down with a certain haste due to its weight, until the flukes find their mark and hook into the bed of the sea.

It is a standard operating procedure, one that serves the crew well as they make final preparations to leave the ship and end their journey…but life rarely follows protocol.

Especially when a rival crew approaches from the distance, loading their cannons to prepare for battle.

Caught by surprise, the beleaguered crew quickly prepare for retaliation, looking to defend themselves against the onslaught.

Realizing that a prolonged attack could lay their home in ruins, the crew prepare to ship back out to meet their rivals head-on.

Their cannons ready to take fire, the crew begin to raise the anchor back up…but to no avail.

The anchor has managed to be wedged somewhere with no give.

This causes quite the calamity, as the rival ship approaches.

The best these homelanders can do is defend their territory, as the rival cannons fire away.

The battle was a sight to behold…but far from a pretty one, for the home team.

The damage is done, the ship sinks, and the crew falls with it.

And all because their anchor failed them, keeping them trapped.

Such is the cruelty of fate.

It anchors people to this strange concept of life, even history, being tied to a strict routine.

A protocol that is always kept to the letter.

Chronoa knows this cruelty all too well.

She’s even started to use that to her advantage.

Tying down The Impaler to his supposed fate, a weapon for her to utilize when she sees fit.

Yet even now, that ship she’s anchored to the shores of the Slaughterhouse is under attack.

I’ve brought my best army to stand against the Harbinger of Fate.

To catch her off her game when she feels the most secure.

My ship is not anchored by the foolish notion of fate.

I have always been one to write my own destiny, firmly in control of the helm.

And now, I set sail with a singular focus.

To use the anchor of fate against its keeper.

To aim the cannons and fire at just the right moment, taking out her defenses before she can react in kind.

To sink the rival ship I see in front of me.

And when it’s all said and done, to take what’s rightfully mine.

The plunder I deserve.

And all the power that comes with it.

The only fate Chronoa will face is the very same as that of her weapon.

To fall before the might of ol’ Simon Blackbeard.

The new scourge of these stormy and chaotic seas.

And the biggest nightmare to those who challenge my reign.