Another Brick in the Wall

In Promo, Vision by Vision

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone

We all think we’re so important. That our opinion matters and that humanity should abide by our rules.

Humanity is one-eyed, able to only perceive that which matters most to the beholder. Humanity tries desperately to paint the world in black and white, with harsh tones and defined lines.

We try to educate Arcadia with our ideology, controlling others with our rules, our governance, our judgmental eyes and opinions about the world and the way it should be.

Painting the world in nothing but black and white eliminates the grey. But the grey is where humanity truly lives. The grey allows us to exercise our integrity, our own judgement without following a set of idealized rules set before us like a wall barring us from unlocking the full potential of our lives.

I see a brick.

Put before us, this brick is our judgement. It is a word spoken from a place of righteous condemnation, in the attempt to constrict and control others before us. To pull people into line, forcing them to act in ways we deem acceptable.

We’ve all placed bricks in this wall.

That violence should not be tolerated. That criminals should pay for their crimes. That honesty is key, and liars should be punished.

We’ve all built this wall, with bricks of different colours. Some have been placed haphazardly without much thought, others have been meticulously crafted by a deep-set passion.

But make no mistake, this wall stands before us, controlling our actions and restricting our movement. We call this wall censorship.

All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.
All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.

The ACA are proud of this wall. They’ve made sure that the wall is stacked nice and high. Confining people to their own little safe-space of Arcadia that they deem acceptable.

A place lined with bubble-wrap, where narry a person could ever be offended. Boswick and his team are proud of the fact that they fight for every brick they have meticulously placed on that wall.




What a wall they have placed before Arcadia, brick by fucking brick.

But, all in all, everything they preach are nothing but bricks in the wall… And they are nothing but the people that insist on placing them there.

I see past the wall, through the bricks of censorship and ask myself why the wall exists in the first place.

Is it to keep bad things out, or merely to keep Arcadians confined?

Your wall, ACA, is built not of control, but of fear. Fear of what may happen should Arcadia live freely, without confines.

I see that world.

It is the world that the Third Eye reveals to me. A place without restrictions, without judgement. A place where our human eyes cannot perceive.

Arcadians, knock down the wall so that you may see the freedom it blinds you from.

Only then will you truly see.