Ring of Fire, Part I

In Jackson Cade, Promo by Jackson Cade

Love is a burning thing
And it makes a fiery ring
Bound by wild desire
I fell in to a ring of fire

“Arcadia was my one true love, the thing that I put far above anything else in my life. It was my everything, the very center of my being.”

“And I failed it.”

“You all know what happened only two months prior, don’t you? When the fire and flames spit out of the Red Light District, all of the hundreds of souls yelling out in pain and fear as their lives came to an end. In that moment, I felt like all of Arcadia had been stolen from me. Its innocence torn in two in an instant.”

“Sure, most people would see those flames and cry, maybe even give up on it all and let the flames consume them in a ring of endless fire.”

“But I don’t give up so easily.”

“The fire that consumed that district only lit my soul ablaze, it drove me forwards. I didn’t sink into the flames, I didn’t give in.”

“I persevered, I won the world title the very next week.”

“Because when the flames rose, so did I.”

I fell into a burning ring of fireWent down, down, downAnd the flames went higherAnd it burns, burns, burnsThe ring of fireThe ring of fire

“But you wouldn’t know anything about rising up from the fire, would you, Maxwell. Once a great hero of Arcadia, I even remember looking up to you as the kind of man I wished I could be, I wept the day you died. But now? Now I see a worn out husk of a man who I wouldn’t recognize even without the burns and bandages.”


“Because you gave up.”

“For months after you joined OSW all you did was tell Destructo Boy to stop trying, to give up on Arcadia. You saw him struggling and all you could say was it didn’t matter.”

“The fire of your home did more than burn you, more than kill your beloved wife.”

“It reduced your soul to cinders. When those flames rose up, you fell further down and landed in a heap in the ash heap as your wife screamed for a savior. While you withered, she fought to save the son you couldn’t protect!”

“What kind of hero are you now? A man without a legacy, a hearth without a flame.”

The taste of love is sweetWhen hearts like ours meetI fell for you like a childOh, but the fire went wild

“This is where we differ, Maxwell. Your love for your wife, your family, it wasn’t strong enough to survive the flames that engulfed you.”

“But my love for Arcadia, for its people? It burned brighter than the flames that surrounded it. And even without my title, without my badge?”

“I’ll never give up.”

“I’ll find the person who burned Arcadia.”

“Because no one is above the law.”

“And I am the Law!”