In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

Each generation that succeeds the last brings with it revolutionary change. From the age of stone to the age of bronze, from the age of the sword to the age of the gun, each successive generation brings with it more knowledge, more skills, more advancements than the last generation.

But as time goes on, the generational shift is coming faster and faster, to the point now where the lines have been blurred as to when each generation starts and ends, and no one agrees on a definitive answer.

So, the question comes, when the elders have lived for so long, where to they fall?

Sometimes the newer generations can over take the older generation, when they can’t adapt. I’ve seen it a number of times, the elder kindred become so complacent with their place, they fail to see the newer kindred adapting to the new world around them. They ignore what is coming, while the new generation changes the rules to the game that’s played.

That’s how the Anarchs got the power they have. They broke the necessary rules, changed the game. Now they run half of kindred society with these new rules, drawing more and more away from the Camarilla. I’ve tried warning the elders, but they continue to ignore me. Caught in an old, long gone age.

You’ve named yourself as such. A kid stuck in a by-gone generation. You’ve never advanced beyond it, you’ve been stuck in an age that’s passed by almost 40 years ago. While you’ve managed to show for a long time that age is but a number, and that the 80s was a good generation to live in.

But what happens when someone comes along, that’s older? That has seen more than a hundred generations have gone by, and as the world grew darker and more inhospitable to your fellow kindred?

You can adapt. You can learn the weaknesses of the previous generation, and fill in the gaps that they have to make yourself better, stronger, more fierce.

Or you can perish. You can let time pass you by, and you can become obsolete. You can be crushed by the unending wave of time, drowning in your failures to see the wave coming.

I’ve chosen to adapt. I’ve learned from each succeeding generation, seen the weaknesses of the older generations, but have also learned to watch where the holes are in the next, to ensure that at all times I am the top predator anywhere I’m at.

I’ve not let time pass me by, Childe. I watched the best, and the worst, of every generation, yours included, to prepare for anything and everything that comes my way.

I’ve even watched champions come and go.

I see time catching up to you, Kid. I’ve watched enough to know that time is catching up to you, and that’s not something you can rewind. You can’t turn back time and change anything.

Your world is growing dark, as mine has once.

Time to adapt or die.

Carpe Noctem.