Copy Cat

In Promo by Lucy Seraphina

There was a time that I had to deal with a copy cat in 2008; the Kindred was in the UK basically trying to be the new Jack the Ripper. The Kindred would walk the streets, hunting Kine; the Kindred was allowing himself to be so famished that it would cause him to nearly frenzy.

He’d leave with blood in his stomach and a trophy; yes one of the body parts of his victims. Really stomach turning.

Shockingly this copycat was a Ventrue, their entitlement and greed encourages them to seek ever more at the expense of others. To think a Ventrue was breaking the masquerade is shocking!

He was so stuck on the fact that everything had to be done like the Ripper did it; only exception is he needed to feed.

I was called before the Prince, and asked to take care of the Kindred and was able to get it done.

Just like the copycat, once again I am summoned to take down another; only this time this one isn’t copying a killer but history inside.

She’s copying every wrestler, who is basically copying OSW history, she is the copy cat of OSW.

She wants to bring OSW to a close, believes she stopped other wrestlers and people, like the copy cat killer, planning based on her data base and based on what she believes; OSW continues to live because it continues to face its fate.

You have stolen from OSW.

You have copied the history of OSW, over and over again into your books, you believe because you have the min knowledge you believe you can end OSW, you believe you can end Impaler, you believe you can somehow change something with even Night City.

OSW calls on an Assassin to take down the copycat who has the double feature championship; Once again I’ll take down my target, this time though there’s more to this.

You think you can be successful while still just being an echo of OSW pasts. You believe it entitles you to be more than you are, just because of you echo the past of OSW.

Before I stepped into OSW, I didn’t know anything of it; but since I’ve been around for months, I’ve gotten the hang of things. I know I can handle myself in the ring and I don’t need to copy anyone else.

I am an original.

I don’t copy any of the wrestlers nor the assassin in this place. When I go into the ring, just like an assignment or a hunt, I do it alone and with my own skills.

I strike with speed and stealth, in the ring you think you know me, but you don’t. I am someone who isn’t predictable.

I’m just another assassin on the hunt, and you made your move so predictable that one blade will take you down.

Chronoa, fate is a bitch and I am bring your fate to an end.

“I’m Lucy Seraphina, and you’re just another target”