Apple of Eternity

In Promo by Banzan

‘It is said that you can count the seeds in an apple, but to count the apples in a seed is impossible. For that is infinite, endless… Eternity.’

Eternity is found in the seed of an apple.

Plant a simple seed, care for it and nurture it and it will one day grow to an entire tree.

That tree will provide an eternities worth of apples in itself. It’s legacy that continues to grow and spread forever more.

But to get to the seed, one must first eat the apple.

I have always been the biggest, juiciest apple in the Slaughterhouse’s orchard.

But as happens, I have been eaten away. Each experience that I have endured another bite from my flesh.


First there was Alice. Willing to learn, to grow her own apple tree of enlightenment, but that tree was cut down before my eyes. And so a bite was taken.


Leif Helveig ensured that he took his fair share of bites from this apple. Those wolves took their share of my lifeforce with them as well. For he stood as a warrior standing before the battle of his life, a battle that took its toll on all involved.


Darklord took the ultimate bite from this apple. Everything endured at his hand pushed the battle to a war. A war that I alone walked away from.


Inevitably, what was once a proud and ripe apple has been eaten to the core.

Yet I am the sum of all my experiences, not just happy memories. The highest of highs atop the mountain and the lowest of lows in the valley. We each experience those moments of valleys in order to appreciate the times we stand atop the mountain.

For one can never appreciate a good apple until they have tasted a bad one.

Wrestle Heroes is an opportunity thrust before me. An opportunity to once more stand atop the mountain of Old School Wrestling.

The opportunity of eternity.

For I enter as an apple eaten to the core, with seeds exposed and ready to plant.

To nurture.

And what will become an entire tree of the biggest, juiciest apples starts with a single action.

To claim the Championship.

To plant that seed. Only then can this apple seed grow to its true destiny.

For you can eat this apple right to the core, but it will always grow again. You can trim an apple tree and it will return.


A tree that will forever provide the Slaughterhouse with shade from the scorching sun of violence, and provide nourishment for those wide enough to seek it’s fruits.

For there will always be another Alice, willing to grow as an apple upon my tree. As long as there is one that seeks, the tree will stand.

My apples will nourish those that wish to eat them.

Wrestle Heroes marks the spot where the next season of growth begins, as my worn-out core once more becomes the mighty apple tree it is destined to be.

It is a matter of eternity.