I’m Coming Out

In Promo by Vigour

In a lot of ways Starboy is everything I ever wanted to be.

Just look at the guy. What a fucking stud.

I look at him and I feel this sense of pride. I’ve known him a matter of weeks and I feel like he’s family. Like a big brother to look up to because I never had one of my own.

And it’s because of the way he carries himself. This air of comfort in himself, that I’d never seen before I came here. I’d kept the real me locked deep down for so long I didn’t know who he was and yet here was Starboy owning every single beautiful fucking fibre of his being.

It’s an inspiration, plain and simple.

So I set out to make myself more like him. We go clubbing. We drink drinks, we dance to loud music until five in the morning and somehow make it home in one piece. You know he gave me the birds and the bees talk, right, because They didn’t want us knowing about how we could break their pre-boxed picture perfect families? I don’t even know what the fuck happened, I just know that families woke up and a new sibling had appeared. That shit is freaky.

We’ve been each others’ wingman since the day we met.

And why is this all important, right now?

Because I fucking know him. Inside and out. Knowing him has been like one big colourful Pride festival, and it’s important he knows what that means to me.

So now, I listen to one of the songs he has on his “Predrinks Playlist”, and I can only think of what he’s done. Bringing me out of my broken shell and making me this ball of rainbow fun.

I think it goes:

I’m coming out. I want the world to know. Got to let it show.

Fucking A.

You can bet for sure I’m coming out swinging, Starboy, no holds barred, no punches pulled. That’s exactly how I know you’d want it to be. And I know you won’t go easy on me either. Friends do the hard stuff, even if that’s punching you repeatedly in the head until you lose consciousness.

And yeah, it’s true that I want the world to know that I’m putting our friendship to one side for one night only.

And I’ve got to let it show. This version of me he’s cultivated and allowed to grow from the dried up little seed I was into the meadow of flowers I’ve become.

And it’s because he’s taught me everything he knows that I have the advantage. I know him so deeply, so intimately, that I’ll be able to predict his every move before he’s even thought of it.

Starboy, I fucking love you man, and everything you stand for, but this week you won’t be standing. You’ll be lying down, me on top, as the three count rings loud. But just thing of the fucking AFTERPARTY man.

So lets do it now, and do it loud!