In Promo by Vigour

I could talk to you for days about the anger I’ve felt. At the blood-spitting, vein-popping fucking ire that took me over back when I was living under Their control.

I had never felt anything like it – it consumed me, and my body felt like it could do nothing else but give in to these urges. These fucking urges that I couldn’t do anything about.

But the truth is I could do something about them, I just didn’t want to.

I was like a little kid throwing my sticks out of the pram, stomping my feet because things weren’t going my way. I hadn’t learned yet that sometimes life just doesn’t go the way you want it to. Fuck it. Pick yourself up and try again the next day. But I was too young to know that. So I spent my time getting angrier and angrier, until there was a heat rising within me. My cheeks glowed red and my forehead steamed.

I was on fire.

And then they threw me in the Pit. The Pit was like jail here, but fifty times worse. A complete sensory torture. I could barely remember to function enough to breathe, let alone be angry. They left me there for…days? Weeks? Who knows. But when I got out I was angrier than ever. I took to the streets with the sharpest thing I could find and started wrecking the place. Cars had flat tyres. Buildings had fewer windows.

But They found me again. It wasn’t hard. We were all being tracked after all. So They found me, and they brought me to the Grand Senate Room, and then They opened a door and in walked my kid sister. She walked into the room, all 8 years of her life leading her to this moment.

Then They slit her fucking throat. My poor fucking sister who had done nothing but be related to me.

That’s what made me realise that being angry all the time gets you fuck all in return. I resolved to be better for her sake. So now, I don’t get angry, I have fun. And it fucking suits me doesn’t it? Just look at me living my best life. But Pyre won’t be living hers. She’s where I was before, standing on the precipice.

She’s spent years with this fire burning inside her, and had it all cut out in an instant in that insane prison she was in. When she was released all she wanted to do was to take it out on those that made her pay the high price she didn’t feel was justified – Jet Set Radio and Simon. And now one of her teammates has died.

I had the fucking strength to know I needed to change course, but I don’t think Pyre does. She’ll continue to rage like a wildire, the very air she breathes fueling that fire within. But a wildfire doesn’t give a fuck who it takes. And she’ll end up killing more of her team-mates if she’s not careful.

We’ve got to douse her.

Let’s do it now, and do it loud!