Bad Dragon

In Promo by Tag

“You ever heard of Bad Dragon?”

“It’s a fun site, man. They’re a place that specializes in innovation, in creating the most unique, effective dildos the world has ever seen.”

“Dragon themed, usually.”

“The thing about these guys, though, is they have the drive to keep inventing, to go further beyond with each and every design they pump out. It has to be bigger, more ribbed, more knotted. The Dragon don’t rest until it’s made something so super massive that only the kinky elite could even hope to take it!”

“With every single drop they have something different and new, using their minds to create what people think to be impossible. It’s crazy, kinky, and insurmountably outrageous.”

“But no matter how absolutely wild the dildos get, there’s always someone out there who can take them.”

“Because no matter what, no amount of technology and creativity can beat a human’s determination.”

“Now, Nakamura Industries is another place with a big, angry dragon staring down from the top, right?”

“Goro, what is your company if not another place where technology is pushed to its absolute limits looking to upgrade the final product? You’re out here day in and day out creating the wildest fucking body mods I’ve ever seen outside of Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon’s house.”

“You look to upgrade yourself and improve your design with every iteration. You’re getting those hands ribbed from your own pleasure, those cybernetics beneath your skin are making you bigger and better than basically any human could ever be. You’re going above and beyond with implants that, in your mind, makes you superior to just about any human.”

“So, you sit there on the top floor of your company looking down on us regular humans pumping out more and more tech that you think we could never compare to.”

“But lemme tell you something, Goro, there’s nothing a bit of sweat, spit, and hardcore human determination won’t do.”

“When I logged onto that website I ordered the biggest, firmest, fucking most knotted mess of a gargantuan dildo I could find. Something so big that it looked like it could rip me in half, man.”

“But you know what I did? I got up on there, lowered down, and took that whole god damn monster right then and there.”

“And after I finished? I got up, cleaned myself off, and went about my day.”

“See, when we get in that ring, Mr. Dragon, it’s gonna be real similar to that fateful day I took the Bad Dragon. Because no matter how advance you are under your skin, how powered up the hydraulics in your hands are, I’m gonna take you on and ride until my legs give out.”

“Banzan might end up split in half like dry firewood, yeah. But I’m built different than him.”

“So get ready, Goro. I’m gonna hop on top and hold you down for the three count. Because no matter how big and bad you wanna be…”

“I’m still gonna tag ya and bag ya.”