Waters of Fate

In Promo by The Impaler

We once knew a young man who was the gold standard of humanity but he had one direr fault, loyalty, and he kept falling in with the wrong crowd.  First, he joined ship as their first mate.  Soon they decided that he wasn’t going to fit with their plans mutiny and becoming pirates so his crew threw him overboard.   

Then believing his survival came at the expense of some divine intervention this soul became a member of the clergy on a small island.   A gesture of paying back the god who so graciously allowed him to live. 

But the bishop on the island was just as bad as the men who had tossed him to the waves.  The bishop had him burning people at the stake for any perceived slight all the while the bishop made deals with the devil right before our hero’s eyes. 

The man thought it all for the greater good however time passed and a tsunami swallowed the island.  He turned to us and begged to become one of The Many. 

However, he had already allowed his soul to be stolen away while he watched. 

This depressing tale reminds us of someone we’ve watched walk the halls of the Slaughterhouse. We bore witness as a grim wolf in sheep’s clothing won over the Olympian’s heart.  Only to reveal himself as monster dedicated to dragging him below the wake to the locker beneath the seas. 

The pirate gold that he clutched on to so desperately quickly became tarnished, Rusted Out, and crumbled away. 

Now, much like that young man so many years ago our Olympian is trying to prove that he has purpose, and pay back a perceived debt to a god that doesn’t care.  All the while his Commander makes deals with a devil.  

A devil that has a very bad track record of actually keeping his word. Ask Colin, a man who for all intents and purposes should be living his best afterlife.  However, the devil Vayikra choses to do business with called The Butch back to this mortal coil against his will and against an arrangement already in place. 

Cael, every task you undertake for Vayikra, for Rain, adds weight to the anchor that shall hold your soul down. 

All the while, the seas of fate are beginning to rise again and this week they’re going to come flooding back. They will wash over you with force of a full-scale tsunami and that anchor will weigh you down and we will be the rock holding it in place.  

The chain growing tighter as you struggle to keep your head above the current that you have brought upon yourself by even thinking you can take the Championship that we’ve ordained ourselves with. 

That is your future Cael Gable, because you never escaped the waters of destiny, you only prolonged your existence until this point. 

Now you finally drown in the presence of Legion, for we are waters that will run you over, and we will baptize you once more, this time until completion.