Bad Trip

In Promo by Deathnote

“You find yourself at an intense rave.”

“A cute girl walks up to you wearing multiple glowing necklaces and bunny ears, asking you to stick out your tongue.”

“You’re weary at first, but you decide to oblige. After all, you’re at a party and ready to let loose.”

“Suddenly, a piece of paper is placed on your tongue and the bitter taste of acid tingles on the tip.”

“The heavy bass from the electronic music can be felt in your chest, beating heavier and heavier.”

“The flashing of multiple colored lights sends your senses into overload as your pupils dilate.”

“The once cute girl has suddenly fully morphed into an actual bunny. You stagger around the dance floor as the waves of euphoria overcome your body.”

“Faces start to melt. The once up-beat tones of the music become slowed. The multiple colors seem to fade into a sea of red.”

“Demons begin dancing around you. You fucked up, pal.”

“Soon you’ll find yourself curled into a ball in some musky corner, crying and pleading for mercy from the haunting visuals in your head.”

“You see, LSD is one hell of a drug. It can be the time of your life, or the worst living nightmare you’ve ever faced.”

“And for you, Wiz.. you’re well on your way to a bad trip.”

“Though you may have been able to cruise through life on your two wheeled scooter thus far enjoying the funkadelic euphoria of a free-willed spirit, that all changed as soon as you walked through the doors of Old School Wrestling.”

“The vibe has shifted, and though you feel like you’re floating amongst the cosmos now, the bad trip is about to kick in.”

“Because within the walls of the Slaughterhouse is nothing but dancing demons and the horrors of melting faces.”

“There’s no more up-beat music to intensify the colors. As the colors fade to crimson, the music becomes slow and disgruntled.”

“The party’s over, Wiz.”

“And I am that bad trip that sends you whirling into a deep downfall of depression. I am the drug that takes the funky view on life that you have and turns it on it’s head.”

“I am the repressed nightmares that linger inside your head. The worst of thoughts that still haunt you from growing up with drug-dealing parents.”

“I am the living horror that will test the very fibers of your being.”

“And soon you will come to realize that OSW is not a place for you. Soon you will find yourself crawling into a corner, bumbling for mercy and shaking in fear.”

“Because there’s nothing here for you but a bad trip, kid.”

“There’s no shiny rainbows or fluffy bunnies hopping through the bright green meadows here.”

“No, for you, the Slaughterhouse is nothing but pain and agony. Suffering that will cause your free-willed spirit to perish.”

“The funkadelic train ends here, Wiz.”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”

“Or fall from the cosmos in a fit of fear and madness.”