In Promo by Deathnote

“The sun beat down on the land below.”

“The sweltering heat is the worst enemy of the cold blooded snake.”

“As the sun heats up the land, and the snakes surroundings, their body temperature fluctuates to match that of their surroundings.”

“They are known as being poikilothermic, so the hotter it gets around them, the hotter the snake becomes until it just can’t bare it any more.”

“Snakes are also known for having very small brains, so it is in this state that they become confused. So much so that the rattle of their own tail may spook them enough, and their tiny brains trick them into attacking oneself.”

“They find themselves in an heat-induced confusion that causes them to eat their own selves.”

“Much like the snake he is, Viper Roberts too suffers from being poikilothermic.”

“Since his arrival here in OSW, the path of which he slithers has become increasingly hot. At Red Snow, the path which he has chose over the course of the past year almost cost him his own life at the hands of Alton Whitlock.”

“But it seems this slimey bastard has yet to learn his lesson.”

“As he now finds himself once again playing with fire.”

“Just last week, he flicked his forked silver tongue in such a manner that he found himself with a new follower. Another blind soul he can send to slither into the depths of hell and do his dirty work.”

“Everything Viper has done up until now has been fodder to the fire. With each passing week, he throws more and more gas on the fire that will very well burn him.”

“Because the blood that runs through his veins is cold, yet his nature of being poikoilothermic means that the longer he plays with the fire, the hotter he becomes.”

“This week, that fire becomes raging, and the temperature becomes so hot that the state of confusion becomes unbearable. Soon, that fire that he’s played with for so long will cause so much confusion within that small brain of his that he will in fact begine eating himself.”

“I guarantee you, Viper. You may feel like you’re one step ahead at all times, but that’s just the confusion.”

“Soon, you will cash your own check. Soon, you will sign off on your own death.”

“And I will be there to claim the soul of the slithering snake who just couldn’t handle the heat.”

“At Revolt, I’ll be there to crank up the heat. I will be there to make sure your surroundings become insufferably hot.”

“I will be there make sure the hallucination of your own tail being prey truly begins.”

“Face it, Viper. Being poikilothermic means you can’t handle the heat which you are playing with. Soon that forked silver tongue of yours will write a check that your ass just can’t can’t.”

“And you will get burned. You will become the snake who’s stuck in a state of self-destructive confusion.”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”

“Or fall victim to being nothing more than a small brained garden snake.”