Life Cycle

In Promo by Deathnote

“It all begins after your mother carries you within the womb for 9 months. Life truly begins once you are born and given a name.”

“You live out the rest of your life, learning the basic motor skills needed to live.”

“You then use those skills to accomplish your life goals, whatever they may be.”

“You live out the rest of your days trying to live up to the name that was given to you at birth.”

“Every bold decision you make and every step you take is all made in order to make your parents proud.”

“To make them happy. To make them glad that they had given birth to such an amazing person.”

“Then and only then will you be at peace when you grow elderly. Only then can you look back on the cycle of your life with fond memories.”

“It’s at that moment that you can fall into the slumber of death with a sense of accomplishment.”

“Last year at Ring of Dreams, I gave you a name, Simon. I gave you purpose. I gave you life.”

“Since your birth, you have attempted to make me proud. Opportunity after opportunity has come knocking on your door, and with each of those opportunities you have worn your heart on your sleeve and left your all inside that squared circle.”

“But with each opportunity that has presented itself, so too did failure.”

“As hard as you tried. As much effort as you have put in, you just can’t seem to make your father proud.”

“You tried to align yourself with Two-Face. You found it within your best interest that you should befriend the madman he had become. You thought that together, the two of you could rule with a mighty iron fist.”

“But you failed to accomplish much of anything.”

“You’ve been given several chances at the biggest prizes this company has to offer. You’ve went toe to toe with some of the hardest talent on the roster. You’ve left your blood, sweat and tears inside that ring..”

“But you just didn’t have what it takes to become a Champion.”

“Though you’ve been given a name, you’re just as much another face in the crowd as you were before you were born again at Ring of Dreams.”

“You’ve disappointed me, Simon.”

“Your judgement day cometh, yet you’ve no good argument as to why you should move on.”

“You’ve certainly not lived up to the name you were given.”

“Like an overbearing father, I will be there this week to scold you for being a waste of time. This week I will beat you for being the disappointment that you are.”

“And I will show you how it’s done.”

“Because in this world, the name Deathnote brings fear upon the souls of anyone he may oppose. I have built my name to mean something.”

“And at Rust Out, I will once again walk away with the trappings of victory, adding another accomplishment to my ever growing list..”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”

“Or be banished for being such a fucking disgrace.”