More Than You Can Chew

In Promo by Deathnote

“A large man once sat down at a round table. Upon this table laid enough food to feed an entire village for a week.”

“Today, friends and family gather around, all with hopes that their man could finish off this mountain of food before him. If able to do so, he would not only find himself in the record books for eating the most food in one sitting.. but a cash prize was also up for grabs from the local news paper.”

“The first few plates go down with ease. He tosses the fourth plate to the side upon completion and grabs for his water glass, taking a big swig. The spectacle that is this large man was magnificent. There wasn’t a single adverted eye in the building, each onlooker knowing that this man will succeed in his quest with the greatest of ease.”

“A cold sweat begins to form on his brow after a few more plates of food are devoured. His breathing changes. The rate at which he was eating became slower, yet he still continued to pound away at the food.”

“He picks up a large ball park frank and pauses, trying to gather his wits. Several plates in and his stomach had began to span. He took another deep breath before taking a rather large bite from the hot dog.”

“But that would be the last bite he ever took.”

“The oversized bite became lodged inside his gullet. On scene medics rush to the man’s aide, but they failed to dislodge the bite from his windpipe.”

“He had bitten off more than he could chew, and fell into an eternal slumber right there before the entire room.”

“For the majority of her life, Ether has lived the life of that same man.”

“As she saunters through life, she sits down at every table and eats a meal. She too, has an insatiable hunger than can not be quieted.”

“With her fellow JSR friends, she has come to tackle the biggest plate to be laid before her. She’s come to OSW looking to claim all the dazzling prizes that OSW has to offer, but at what cost?”

“Their battle with bMf has been nothing more than an appetizer, and soon she will have finished that plate and pushed it aside.”

“But now she finds herself staring at a ball park frank with a heavy breath. Now she finds herself opposing the ring from the most daunting of tasks to date.”

“I am that ball park frank you have your grubby paws clutched around. I am that last bite that you are trying to force down your gullet, knowing damn well you shouldn’t.”

“Squaring off against me this week is a deathwish. As much as you want to force another bite down your gullet, there’s no walking away victorious.”

“You have bitten off way more than you can chew.”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”

“Or fall into an eternal slumber as an embarassment to your grandfather.”