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“A young man once approached me.”

“After learning about who I was, he came to sit before me.

“Without a word, I stared back at him with a slightly tilted head.”

“He stared back at me in silence. He took in every detail of my face. As far as he was concerned, this was the first time he had been in the presence of a true Shinigami.”

“Moments passed before he broke his silence. He had only one question for me.. How would he die?”

“Usually, I’d think twice about giving him such information, but this young man seemed to strike my fancy. With a slight smirk, I reached for my notebook and flopped it on the table, flipping to the man’s page. Eager to see how he’d react, I foretold his destiny.”

“Moments of silence passed once more before the man stood up without a word. He looked down at the notebook as if he had seen a ghost before politely thanking me for my time and walking off.”

“But that would not be the last I saw of him. For, I spent the next few months watching from the shadows.”

“I watched every day as this man tried to change his future. I watched as he struggled to gain traction towards defying his destiny.”

“No matter how hard he tried, no matter what types of people he tried to align with, or the successes he achieved by trying to change his life around, his expiration date was fast approaching.”

“The day came. Judgement day. He knew he had one last chance to change the outcome of his life. He aligned himself with the strongest personalities around him. He tried to cushion his fall from grace as much as he thought imaginable.”

“But his death.. it was inevitable.”

“Much like our young friend, Cael Gable approached me with a question quite similar.”

“A question that did not strike my fancy a second time. For I knew, no matter how I answered his question.. and no matter how hard he might try.. there was no changing his destiny.”

“You see, Cael, much like that young man.. you know you are living on borrowed time. You know that within the blink of an eye everything that you have lived for can be snatched away from you and you can be left for dead.”

“You know that whatever information I withhold from you doesn’t change. It’s not me that you hold anger towards.. it’s your destiny. You know as well as I do that your time here on this earth has become very limited.”

“Try as you might to change your future, you cannot and therefore lies your true enemy.”

“If it’s a fight you want, then it’s a fight you shall receive. I am the unwanted slap of reality that you truly deserve. Try as you might to align yourself with zealots to ensure your fate be changed, they cannot save you from your grim destiny.”

“This week you may stand across from me a very angered spirit, but even then you cannot change what is.. inevitable.”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”