Mouse Trap

In Promo by Deathnote

“A curious mouse always meets an early demise.”

“Just as every living thing, they too are given a Judgement date.”

“They too, have a predetermined course of destiny they must follow.”

“But only those who don’t live a life of curiosity ever make it to the end of that journey. More often than not, the curious rat makes a mistake and ends up moving on to greener pastures.”

“More often than not, they stumble upon a baited trap. The aroma of cheese catches their attention and their curious minds lead them to wonder. They take moments, seemingly analyzing their options and the situation. And just when they think they have figured out how to get to the cheese..”


“At the last moment when the mouse thinks he has the cheese, the mouse trap snaps closed and snaps the poor rat’s neck!”

“That mouse had a lot left to live for.. all of it crashing and burning because he couldn’t keep his nose out of places it shouldn’t be.”

“Cael Gable is quite the curious mouse, as it would turn out, and I’ve been dangling this cheese before him since the turn of the year.”

“The aroma of the bait has now tickled his nostrils, and he too seems to be strategizing towards taking the bait for his own. Little does he know, it’s been a trap all along.”

“You see, Cael, there may be quite a bit of time left on your life clock, but each passing week that time becomes dangerously close to being shortened. Week after week, you’ve come closer and closer to taking the bait. Week in and week out, you’ve stalked me in the shadows, analyzing a way to get to that juicy bait that I’ve dangled over your head for so long.”

“Last week, you and your goons decided to come and crucify me. You thought that you had enough. I’m assuming you thought that would be the death of me, and whatever valuable information I held would no longer be plausible, but it was a very riddled thought from the beginning.”

“At Bad Attitude, I know you will return to try to finish off what you’ve started.. but then I will have you right where I want you.”

“The urge to take the bait will soon become unbearable and you’ll be right where I need you to be.”

“And then?”


“I’ll slam the trap closed right on your fucking neck. I’ll share one final laugh with you at your own expense.”

“All you had to do was avoid me like the plague and you could have resumed living out your pathetic life, but instead.. your curious mind began to wonder..”

“I’ve been controlling you like a puppet, and this week at Bad Attitude, the curious mouse will in fact meet his early demise.”

“It’s a shame how you let your own curiosity lead you into the jaws of death earlier than intended. But I guess mice aren’t really known for having their wits about them, now are they?”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”

“Or let curiosity be your downfall.”