In Promo by Deathnote

“A young male once grew up trying to avoid the inevitable.”

“It was well known that diabetes ran through his family history. His father had it, his grandfather had it and so on and so forth down the line.”

“At an early age, the young man started to live his life differently from every one else. While the children around him indulged in fatty foods and sugary treats, he stuck to a well balanced diet.”

“He began to exercise as soon as he was able to understand. He woke up and went for morning jogs before hitting the gym during the afternoon.”

“He regulated his blood pressure. Every possible thing he could think of to prevent himself from becoming diabetic, he had done.”

“But no matter how he tried to change his fate, he couldn’t change the inevitable.”

“Much before the age of 25, he too was diagnosed with diabetes.”

“You see, no matter how he tried to change his family history.. no matter how hard he struggled to change his fate, he could not.”

“Because your destiny is in fact predetermined, and there’s no way of changing that.”

“Much like our diabetic friend, Chronoa has come here to the OSW in an attempt to change the fate of the world.”

“She’s sees the violence as the fatty foods and the Championship and accolades as sugary treats that must be cut from the world’s diet.”

“But no matter how you struggle to attempt to change the fates of the world, Chronoa, the end has always been destined. When there’s a long history of violence and death running through the family, there’s no way of stopping the inevitable.”

“Just like many of those that came before you, you too will be diagnosed with the diabetes that runs through these halls.”

“I am that diagnosis.”

“Because as much as you may want to turn the tides of your destiny, there’s nothing that you can do to change what is written within my tome.”

“There’s no disregarding the terrible fate that awaits you at the end of your path.”

“While you think you are doing every preventative measure to avoid a terrible fate, you’ll only be progressing your story further to it’s conclusion.”

“Just look at Cael Gable. His worry for what knowledge I was with holding caused him to turn down a different path.. a path that before he may not have traveled, but a path that will end his life none the less.”

“You are no different. Just like him, your want to change the tides of life will surely send you down the wrong path. This week I shall diagnose you with the diabetes that will certainly lead to your end.”

“Because there is no evading the inevitable. A person’s true fate has well been written in stone..”

“And just like those before you, you will fail any attempt to disrupt the way of life.”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”

“Or accept your fate like it was always destined to be..”