In Promo by Deathnote

“The way of the world has turned towards the era of technology.”

“Every waking moment, we rely on some sort of computer system to assist us through life.”

“Whether it be a simple reminder of what must be done for the day, or scrolling mindlessly through the many video shorts that make up TikTok, each of us rely on our preferred electronic to keep us moving along to the next day.”

“It’s miraculous how a computer can operate many of these tasks at just the swipe of a finger, or the touch of a button.”

“These devices run smoothly, streamlining the news and entertainment that we crave.”

“That is until we mindlessly wander onto a malicious website. Through our browsing we find what seems to be a link to an article of interest, but it’s really just clickbait.”

“The actual objective was to inject a virus into your system.”

“Things start to slow down. Our Netflix begins to take longer to load. Youtube videos start to buffer.”

“The local news website leaves us on an infinite load screen. The many apps we rely on begin to not respond and before you know it that device that we rely on so heavily becomes just another paper weight.”

“Unable to preform the tasks at hand.”

“For many months now, Zero, you have been the device in the hands of Luke Storm.”

“Day after day, he has relied on you to complete the tasks he sets forth, whether they be to keep him in the know or simply to entertain his fancy.”

“However, as time passes, Luke seems to be stumbling onto those malicious websites. With each dastardly act you’ve carried out for him, you’ve seemingly wandered onto those malicious websites that has painted a large target on your back.”

“And this week, you’ve been click baited.”

“This week you’ve been tasked with opposing the virus that will spread through your system’s hardware and leave you short circuited.”

“I am that virus.”

“I am the trojan horse that will be injected into your system files that deletes your much needed files to operate.”

“For far too long have you operated without any repercussions and that stops now.”

“Internally, I will spread through the hardware of your system until you can’t complete any more tasks.”

“I will remove the files that allows you to boot up on the daily.”

“And you will become nothing more than a paper weight in the hands of a helpless old man.”

“Unable to complete even the simplest of tasks for your brethren, you will become nothing more than outdated and useless.”

“Because the time has come for bMf to answer for all the wrong they’ve done.”

“And Judgement Day starts with you, Zero.”

“Because without technology, the world is sent into a frenzy of panic, and so shall Luke Storm.”

“You’ve been his reliable crutch for way too long.”

“I will penetrate your firewall and delete you from existence.”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”

“Or be bitten by the bug that will leave you on a blue screen of death..”