King Crab Challenge

In Promo by Ether

“I went down to Dirty Dick’s Crab House to get myself a meal fit for a champion.”

“I wasn’t there for some two bit fish and chip plate. Fuck no, I was there to take on the toughest food challenge they claimed to possess.”

“The King Crab challenge. If the customer could eat all five pounds of crab within an hour, they’ll get their picture hung on the wall and free food for a year.”

“Most people were shocked to see a skinny little bitch like myself to tackle such a tall order. They tried to persuade me into ordering something smaller from the menu, like a fried cod or a salmon filet. However, I insisted that I took that challenge or I’d take my money elsewhere.”

“They eventually gave in and brought it out for me, not expecting me to get past one leg of meat.”

“But I showed them by devouring the whole thing within half a fucking hour. Not only did I get the rewards I mentioned beforehand, but I also set a Dirty Dick’s record by eating the whole thing so fast.”

“I know you don’t expect much out of me, Izzy. I’m just some basic looking bitch in a world full of superhumans and vicious killers. What kind of threat could I possibly pose?”

“I don’t have control over fire like Pyre or the power to manipulate dreams like the Sandman. I’m definitely not a vampire like Knightlord or a machine like Tenchu. So what do I have that makes me someone to look out for?

“I’ve got a hunger for that championship like no one else on the roster possesses. While the people in the back crave the glory and power that belt symbolizes, I yearn for the bread I’ll be able to eat when I wrap my hands around that championship.”

“You wish you were as hungry for that belt as I am. You might have it draped around your shoulder like a fresh kill, but you’re more excited to show it off than you are about keeping it.”

“That was the biggest mistake you could’ve possibly made around a hungry girl like me.”

“At Wrestle Heroes, I’m taking on the latest food challenge. I’m going to devour the Terror of the Seven Seas within seven days. When I succeed, I’ll get that belt of yours and my name etched in the history books alongside legends.”

“Little do you know that I don’t need seven days to kick your ass to kingdom come. I just need one.”

“I’m going to rip that championship from your hands as I consume you. Like the king crab that Dirty Dick’s served me, you’ll be torn apart and served with a side of melted butter.”

“It’s first come, first serve here at Old School Wrestling, and I’m going to take a big bite out of the king crab before anyone else even gets a chance.”

“I’m a hungry girl, Grimwolf, and a hungry girl’s gotta eat!”